Right Behind You

Before I was out of the Night Life building Darwynn was by my side. “Hey boss.”

“Stop calling me that.”

Darwynn chuckled. “Not on your life boss. “

I sighed. “What did you find out about the Architects?”

Darwynn shrugged, “Not much. It takes finesse to find out about secret organization.”

I nodded. “Just asking.” I said.

“I know.” He grinned. “I’m surprised you didn’t insist on going with Ant.”

“The Architects are important. they have a meeting. I need to know what they are Darwynn. I have this strange feeling.”

Darwynn laughed. “I’m surprised Ant didn’t come with you.”

“He knows me too well.”

“The bomb needed your evaluation.” Darwynn said, “Or at least one of your minions.”

“You aren’t my minions.” I grinned. “Minions are cute and yellow and don’t speak a lick of English.”

Darwynn laughed, “Drake make you watch it?”

“Would you think less of him if I told you Dev did?” I grinned. It had been just him and I. Dee was on a date with Sage. And my dad had the boys. Dev hadn’t even asked if I’d seen any of the movies. He just started watching them. We were curled up in on his bed in his old apartment waiting for Dee to come back with Sage and he and I’d walk home.

Darwynn laughed, “I think I might.”

We reached our destination which was an old hotel that had been in the City for hundreds of years. It was upscale yet down to earth. There was no gold fixtures. It was the kinda place mom and pop out of town would be impressed with the with the service, but feel right at home without all the New York City flash and flair – and it was run by a werebear named Hansel. I couldn’t even pronounce his last name and I always asked him where Gretel was. He would laugh and then glare at me for being Venatori. Like he hadn’t heard the joke all the time. Except Hansel knew exactly who I was asking about when I asked him. Gretel was my nick name for his co-owner Leon Swazye a were-rat. Leon unfortunately had spent so much time as a literal sewer rate gaining intel for the mob back in the day that he was still partial rat and he didn’t really ever leave his home on the top floor unless he was a huge ass rat.

I had stumbled across him while hunting a nest of vampires shortly after I got back from my time with Michaela. He was spying on the vampires I’d been commissioned to kill. I hadn’t killed them and sent them to Ant for rehabilitation. Leon tried to black mail me by telling me he’d tell the others what I’d done. Funny thing about being me? I told the Venatori exactly that when I wrote my report. They werne’t happy but the vamps were taken care of out of the City – done deal – no blood. He was who I wanted to talk to but as I was standing at the desk I saw Hector Ven with Elena Saunders. What the fuck? But then again, it made sense, I was here to spy on the Architects and they were part of it. I nodded to Darwynn and he frowned and shook his head. “I’ll follow you just come if I need back up.”

He nodded and took a seat in the lobby like he was waiting for someone. I didn’t walk directly behind them but close enough I could hear them over everything else with my senses extended. I had my veil up and unless they were uber sensitive to magic no one was going to even know I was there.

Hector spoke in a hushed tone to Elena, “Charles is angry. He went of plan. You should have waited to tell him about the papers until after we accomplished our job.”

Elena sighed and put her hand on his arm. “Hector, darling, Charles was going to do that anyway. It was a test for the city responders. See how the Feras handled the little scenario and tomorrow when their precious home sees it’s ruin we’ll have the world to ourselves.”


Hector stopped with Elena. “Divorcing the Second before our big triumph is stupid.”

Elena smiled. “Hector, if this goes to plan I won’t need Charles again.”

Well I found out two things. Hector was helping Elena get a divorce. And the Architects were planning to destroy the Venatori. This isn’t going to end well.

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