Great Opportunity

I woke up with Dee naked on top of me. I had managed to slip into boxers and a tank before I fell asleep. I trusted Dee, but I didn’t trust her that much. She had a hard time listening last night. I was considerably mark free – usually Dee had sucked on my neck leaving a trail of hickeys. All of them enjoyed marking me. It made me wonder sometimes if I needed to put their names in public view on my neck so they’d stop.

I carefully squirmed out from under my brunette. She was still sawing logs. I let her sleep as I padded out of my room leaving the door a crack. I passed by the theater and found all four kids sprawled out and the TV playing the menu for one of their movies. I think it was Phantom Menace but I couldn’t tell straight up as I passed by – they didn’t get too far.

I opened our bedroom door quietly and dropped my clothes in the hamper by the door. Dev and Sage were curled up together in our shared bed both naked. I smirked as I walked into my closet and grabbed the top t-shirt and a pair of jeans and clean boxers before I slipped into the bathroom to take a shower. It was Saturday. I would normally go for a long run but I had a lot of cooking to do for tonight’s Valentine’s Day party Matt was throwing for like the entire high school. He was a freshman. Some of his friends had been at the New Years Eve bash and were more than eager to have yet another party here.

Since this was a highschool party there was no booze. The kids would be sadly disappointed if they thought we’d serve liquor to minors. Matt was already made aware of it and just shrugged. He didn’t care much for it anyway – he drank wine with us at dinner but that was it.

I was in the shower when the door opened and one of my blue-eyed babes stepped in the shower behind me. I could tell by the sound of their foot falls that it was Dev, but he hadn’t said anything as he wrapped his arms around me and pressed his head to my back. I smirked as I leaned back and let the soap wash out of my hair. “Did you enjoy the show last night?”

He laughed. “Pretty boy, you have no idea.”

“Tell me then.”

Dev pressed his lips to the middle of my back before he stood up and spun me around. “I knew you liked to be bossy once and a while, have we been shorting you?”

I shook my head. “As I told Dee last night, I only top women.”

Dev nodded like he didn’t believe me. “So it’s not a kink that you want more of?”

“No Dev. I like aspects of it. I love taking what I want, but I love giving it up more.”

He grinned at me. “I particularly liked your form of punishment. Dee didn’t listen well.”

“I enjoy it at any time. I don’t think it’s punishment. Sure it hurts when it snaps against a tender spot.” I closed my eyes and tried to remember the last time someone had used the electric wand on me. It’s been a while.

“You didn’t let her come until the very end, she had to hate that.”

I grinned at him. “I showed her what I liked, what can I say.”

Dev laughed. “Oh pretty boy, as if none of us didn’t know you liked to wait.”

I smirked at my rockstar and spun him to the water fall and started wetting his hair. He melted into my hands when they ran through his hair. There was no more talk of Dee, just me and my rockstar in a shower. One of our favorite places.

We didn’t have sex despite both of our libidos being through the roof. Dev had climbed out first and I got to watch him wrap the towel around his waist. “Manson told us yesterday that he booked a four week tour around the US. We’ll be playing in California and Texas and so many other places.” Dev sounded excited as he told me.

“That’s great!” I said and pressed a long congratulatory kiss to his lips. “We’ll miss you.”

“I’m not sure I’m going yet.”

“Why the fuck not?” I asked.

“I haven’t discussed it with the four of you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Well you have my permission if that’s what you were seeking. I would never have stopped you.” I knew I sounded way more angry than I was.

Dev sighed. “I wasn’t asking permission.”

“That’s what it sounded like Dev. You needed to discuss it with us.”

“Okay so I haven’t told Dee or Sage yet. Dee isn’t going to let me go easily.”

“Devin. It’s your life. You don’t get these chances everyday. How long have you and the boys been trying to get DS off the ground and on the radio? Dee won’t stand in your way. And Sage probably already knows he reviews all the feeds every night before he goes to sleep.”

Dev laughed. “Not last night. He fell asleep in my arms after a rather thorough fucking on both sides. Watching you and Dee had deadshot worked up big time. So much more so than when he watched strangers.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t finish before you had the chance to do anything with him.” Sage’s kink was a loner thing and we had a hard time pulling him into us when we were all together.

Dev chuckled, “He jumped me soon as we came in here.”

My eyes went wide and Dev nodded. “Truly.”

“Don’t let Dee keep you here Dev.” I said as I brushed past him to walk into our room.

I was greeted with a groan from the bed. “Nox.” Sage said as he stretched. I stopped and looked at his lean muscles pulling and smiled at the gorgeous view of Dev kissing Sage. There was nothing platonic about the kiss, it was hot and heavy and my cock was so wanting in on that action. But I waited at the foot of the bed.

Sage tossed his blankets off and climbed out of bed and wrapped his arms around me from behind and pressed a kiss to my neck before reaching around and pulling my face towards him at the awkward angle. We kissed, not as long or hot as he and Dev had but if it weren’t for my hand at my waist I probably would have dropped the towel and let Sage have his way with me. And after the stress of topping last night I’d easily give in.

Sage grinned at me and let me go. “Last night was hot!”

I blushed. Dev was laughing as he walked into his closet. I sighed and walked into my own. Sage went to take a shower asking, “You guys didn’t use all the hot water?”

Dev yelled, “It’s all gone cold!”

It hadn’t, we had two water heaters and a huge ass boiler down in the basement that ran water here. I was top dog, and we couldn’t be without hot water. Or so says Il Cane! And it’s her building.

I saw Dev walk past my door and into the bathroom. I heard a hushed conversation and ignored it. They could talk about me without me listening. But when Sage yelled his excitement and then clamored down quickly I knew Dev had told him about his new gigs. Sage like myself was a big fan of our rockstar and tours meant more fans and more popularity and maybe a record deal. And that was a big deal for our Dev. Hell I was super excited for him too. It was a great opportunity even if I would miss him.

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