Finding Dev

I was wiping my mouth as I stepped out of the alley and into the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip. Shit!

I called Ant on my phone. “Why did you bring me here?”

Ant sighed. “Fix it with Dev.” And then he hung up.

I wasn’t getting a ride back home until I talked to Dev.

The strip was lit from end to end and I sighed. I opened my phone and looked at Dev’s itnerary he sent Jin before he left. Manson was efficient. Dev was still in Vegas today playing a show. I wouldn’t likely get in. But I could wait outside to catch him when he got out.

I’d never been to Vegas before. I wasn’t a gambler and I wasn’t hunting out here. Vegas lived by different rules just as New York did. I didn’t even want to press my senses outward. I pullled them in until I could only feel me. Funny thing was that doing so gave me a pin point accuracy on Devin Alexander and his location. I felt nothing but him. It was odd being pulled in only one direction. Normally I felt everyone else, but everyone else was so far away.

The singular force was a daunting feeling. He was pissed at me. I was upset. Ant wasn’t going to pick me up till we talked. But Dev was on stage right now warming up. He’d be on stage in an hour. I wouldn’t bother him till afterwards.

I walked to the hotel Dev was staying at. It was also the gig he was playing at. Inside was lavish. The lobby was noisy – the casio was noiser. I headed in the direction I felt Dev and I stopped outside the service rooms and sat down on the floor. I’d wait here for Dev.

I wasn’t sitting long when the door opened and a man wearing a security uniform stepped out holding the door. “Nox Setanta?”

I nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Deviant Skeptics has a back stage pass for you.” He handed me the lanyard and pointed. “You can enter in through the front and someone will show you the way back stage.”

Dev felt me just as i felt him. I hesitated even after the guard had left. I sat feeling the depression filtering in. I guess I could go watch Dev play. I stood up and headed for the front doors. I showed the badge and the usher walked me to the front of the concert hall and sat me down in a reserved seat.

I looked around and saw a bunch of other people. And soon the entire hall was filled. They were playing for a huge crowd. While I waited for their show to start I pulled out my phone and looked at all the missed calls. Dev, Dee, Sage, Ant, Jin even my father and Dorian had called. Everyone was trying to catch me and I wasn’t sure if any of it was important.

I opened the texts and saw the same texts from the same people. I opened Dorian’s first. All of them were asking where I was. Asking me if I was okay. I responded with one simple word. “Yes”.

My father was the same, and so was everyone else. All but Dev’s text, there was only one. “We need to talk.”

And with that my entire world spiraled down into a dark oblivion. I heard Dev in my head. “Calm down pretty boy, I can hear you.”

The simple reassurance sent me down deeper and I pulled my shields tightly up around me. I couldn’t feel Dev, he couldn’t feel me.

I got a text from Dev. “Jesus Christ I hate when you do that. Don’t hide from me.”

I sighed and sent a text back. “It’s either hide or distract you from your gig. Break a leg.”

I put my phone back in my pocket and I felt it vibrate again. I didn’t care what Dev wanted. We’d talk later.

My phone went off again and I let it go. Dev would be on stage soon. He’d be in his element. And I’d watch him for the first and last time. My head was so full of hatred in that moment, my body ached. I wondered if anyone could see it seething from my pores.

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