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Three months had past since I went gallivanting across Europe as Sage likes to put it. Three months of construction, sweat and heart ache for my new family to call the top floor of the Night Life building home. Sage’s house sold quickly once he decided to put out the sign. A new werewolf couple bought the house and were happy to start their new home in the middle of a werewolf packs home turf. Not that Adrian was really a pack leader, more like father figure to a bunch of people who didn’t like the rules. Sounded so much like me.

I loved and hated my new place – our new place. Every exterior wall had plate glass walls staring out into New York City. You can damn well bet my bedroom – my personal space was in the middle of the house. Well not the exact middle. In the middle of the entire Night Life Building was a sky light. From the roof down, thick treated glass covered a swath of every floor letting the sunlight in for new and old vampires alike. It was one of Cari’s greatest investments. Letting a vampire feel the sun on their skin. I avoided that area as much as I possibly could and I never walked across it – never.

TCP Investigations was an interesting office space outside of our house in the back of it. I had my own office – in the center of the space with glass walls. Everything in TCP Investigations was glass walls. I had an office for Jin, and three others identical to hers. Though Jin opted to sit outside my office like the proper secretary. I told her she wasn’t my secretary. Not that Jin ever sat down mind you. She was constantly busy. Dee was still jealous and no matter how much one on one time we had she was always jealous. I heard it time and time again, “You love Sage more than me.” “Dev is your world, you don’t have room for me.”

I could only sigh when she started in on me. It was true. Everything she said – except the part about not having enough room for her. Of all my lovers I had been on more singular dates with Dee than with Sage or Dev combined. We went to Mexican several times. We had walks in museums. We went to cooking classes together. We even went to a concert together. I spent more time trying to impress upon her that she was important to me, than I did my boys. I love her but not the same way I love them. But she’s important to me, and I do love her.

We had another date that evening. And we had a poly date on Valentines day which was in two days on Sunday, and a party for Matt’s highschool friends on Saturday night. Busy fucking weekend.

I liked working in the same building I called home. Being able to just walk back to my rooms was great. Our house was huge. We had a master bedroom with four closets and a huge ass bathroom. There was a family bedroom that was nothing but wall to wall bed except for the entry way. We each had our own rooms, The kids each had their own room, with four to spare. The kitchen was huge. The living area was an open space with the kitchen, but we didn’t typically watch tv there. Sage and Dev prefered the home theater. We had a full size gym, a recording studio and a high tech computer room. The theater, gym, studio and computer room all had access from TCP Investigations, as well as our house.

The ceilings off the office space were exposed beams which gave us even higher than the ten foot ceilings of our living space. All of the kids loved to climb up there and jump from beam to beam. Even Drake who actually walked across the open spaces on walls of air. Smart boy, but terrifying when you see him step off the first time. Dee was in hysterics the first time. Sage and Dev hadn’t survived much better. I saw what he’d done and didn’t’ panic but I can completely get that feeling my heart still beat fast watching them all up there on the beams.

I was sitting at my new mahogany desk in my brand new leather executive chair in jeans and t-shirt when Jin knocked on my door. “Nox, you need to get ready for your date with Ms. Armstrong.”

I’d finally broken Jin of calling me Mr. Nox, or Mr. Sétanta, or Mister anything at all but unless the others specifically asked her like Dev had she was always formal.

Jin in her armani tailored suit looked out of place against my jeans and t-shirt, but I had no one coming in and if I did I’d just go change clothes. But she looked at me with a questioning look. “There is more?” I asked.

She smiled. “Dev’s agent is here. Says it’s urgent.”

I nodded. “While I go change I’ll tell him.”

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.