Unexpected Guests

I had a lot to make but I started with breakfast. It was relatively early all things considered. 7am was late for me, but still early for everyone else. Dev didn’t have a late shift on Friday which was unusual, but I expected it was due to the weekend off. Dee wasn’t on call for like the first weekend ever. And Sage worked from home so he was always here. Though he was talking about opening an office a few floors down. Jack said he could set up shop in one of the unused offices he uses. They were always chatting. Jack was a lot older than you realized but he looked the same age as Sage. He was Sage’s age back at the dawn of computers but he still looked 20 – the joys of being Chevalier. Ryan was an 18 year old boy still physically, his sister Mia – someone I’ve never really met – she was 16. But she was autistic which was why Ryan had made the deal with Cari 800 years or more ago.

His sister had been staked out for the wolves because they thought she was possessed by demons. But she just didn’t work the same way everyone else did. So Cari saved her life for his immortality and hers. Mia is the only Chevalier who doesn’t travel with Cari. She is home at Cari’s estate in Danghdburg. She’s the caretaker there. And thrives there. She’s alone most of the time but that’s the way Mia likes it.

Ant stepped into the kitchen and smiled at me, he probably heard half of my thoughts in our weird ass connection. I hadn’t seen him at all while Dee and I had been out of the house but I knew he was there. He was always there. While Ant slept during the high daylight hours he was testing out several different werewolves that Dom and Adrian had been sending him. They were vying for one of their own to protect me. I didn’t need a bodyguard but Ant insisted. And right now I made his job easy by staying inside most of the time not running around the city doing what I do.

He was excelling at the job of stalker. Ant rolled his eyes at me and I stuck my tongue out at him. Which earned me another eye roll.

Sage walked in and looked from me to Ant, but it was Dev who spoke first, “Nox is thinking about Chevalier and Ant and Ant rolled his eyes, and Nox stuck his tongue out at Ant.”

Sage nodded. “And that’s what that eye roll was about.”

“Mostly because Nox was being childish and sticking his tongue out.”

Sage laughed, “I’ll fix that.”

I was mixing pancake batter and he stood next to me and grabbed my chin. “Do it again.” He was trying not to laugh. It was a game to him. I shook my head and pulled out of his hand. He got rougher and took my wrist this time too and turned me again. “Now.”

I stared at him and wondered to myself if I wanted to be everything they thought I was – or everything Dee thought I was.

Dev sighed. “Sage don’t make him.”

He looked at Dev with confused look, “It’s just a game.”

Dev smiled at Sage and I frowned. Dev was always in my head. He’d heard my self doubt and..

“Stop Nox.” He said. Dev climbed off his stool and walked around to the other side, “Just kiss him, tell him you love him and let me have a turn.”

Sage grinned and kissed me. I gave him what he wanted and he sucked hard and bit my tongue.

Dev pushed me out of the way and kissed Sage hard and fast and I grunted. “Hey.”

Dev smirked at me as he broke his kiss with Sage. He grabbed my shirt and kissed me hard. “You are so easy pretty boy.”

I ducked my head and muttered, “Only for you.”

Sage pressed a kiss to my cheek, “And me.”

He walked away just as I heard a voice standing in the entryway to our living space. “Well wasn’t that cute.” I looked over at the older man who I’d met several months ago. He had a few days of beard growth and a new scar over his left eye.

“Hey Darwynn.” Sage said as he sat down. “We are having pancakes and ice-cream. What some?”

“Are you making them?” He asked Sage.

“Fuck no. I’m not allowed that side of the kitchen unless it’s to kiss the cook.”

“Which he seem to have enjoyed.” Darwynn sat down next to Sage with a huge grin, “As long as you aren’t cooking I’ll eat.”

Dev turned on the burner and got out the butter and syrup and the berries all without me asking.

Matt and Drake came out of the hall from their rooms and sat down around the bar too. Drake crawled across the counter space and sat down in front of Darwynn and put his hands on the werelion’s shoulders. “Daddy makes the best pancakes.”

Jin cleared her throat and I brought my eyes up to meet her dark ones staring back at me. “Darwynn has a report he left on your desk you might want to take a look at sooner rather than later.”

I nodded. “He can tell me about it while I cook. What else do I have today other than cooking to do?”

Jin looked down at the tablet in her small hands. “Matt’s party this evening is the only thing on the agenda for which you promised: pizza, wings, sandwiches and those little fried appetizer things that flew off the table on New Years.”

“You quoted Matt on that one?” I asked.

Jin blushed. “I didn’t know what they were called either.”

Jin flipped a screen and frowned, “Chris’s mom called and wants to meet with Matt’s parents. Something about Chris spending the night.”

Matt protested, “Nox already said Chris could stay. Chris isn’t my boyfriend I swear!”

“I believe you, what does she want?”

Jin shrugged. “She didn’t say. I penciled her in for 9. I didn’t know if she wanted you all here or not. So I opted for early just in case something came up.”

Dev and Sage both said at the same time, “That’s fine Jin. We all trust you.”

Sage laughed, “You did that on purpose.”

“Not at first.” Dev grinned at him. His stomach rumbled and he turned pointedly at me. “I’m hungry.”

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