Accidents Happen

I search through every energy signature that was a turned wolf in the city spiraling outwards from central park. Most that had shifted with the new moon were curled up with their families happily. I didn’t even need to disturb them. Ant had agreed with his emphatic connection as it were that everything was at peace as we stood outside.

Matt called while we walked to the next signature in my head. “Dee and Sage aren’t around Chris and I got in alright.”

I nodded but knew he couldn’t see it. “That’s good. I might not make it home until lat in the morning. I have a lot more turned were’s to look into right now. Make sure everyone is fed when you wake up alright?”

“Of course, Nox. Be safe.”

“I will. You too.” And we hung up the phone.

Ant added, “He’ll take care of them.”

I looked at Ant. “I know.”

We walked around New York until the sun was up in the sky. It was barely peaking over the edge but Ant needed to go. “I’ll be fine.” I told him and he looked at me with skepticism. “Send someone to me, Darwynn maybe. I’ll be fine.”

Ant sighed. “I have no choice you need to find this boy. If it’s not too late already.”

“I’ll be home soon. I promise.”

Ant nodded. “I’ll send Darwynn out if you aren’t back by 8 am.”

“Okay.” I said. “I’ll be fine Ant.”

“You are Regnans. I will always worry. If something happens to you, a lot more is at stake.”

“Yeah yeah yeah.” I said and started walking the direction we’d been going leaving Ant in the shadow he’d taken refuge in. I felt him jump from close by to far away as he was back at home. He’d take Morana off to bed and they’d slumber the day away.”

Two more signatures and at the third I knew things were wrong. I walked slowly with a fireball held in the ether while I walked calmly into the alley.

It was a horrific sight. I threw up a veil to hide the scene from the growing light. There was blood everywhere. A girl was cowering in the corner wedged between a dumpster and the wall. I walked over to her slowly. Her eyes were hazy as she looked up at me. “Don’t hurt him.” She pleaded.

“Are you a friend of Rob’s?” I asked.

Her eyes grew wide and she nodded slowly. “Do you know where he is?”

She shook her head. “He didn’t mean to hurt me. I had him calm and then the sun rose.”

“What’s your name?”

“Shelly.” She blinked at me and I could see her fading, “Shelly Abernathy.”

“His girlfriend.” I nodded. “I’m Nox. Did he bite or scratch you?”

She nodded. “He didn’t mean to.”

“Are you a therian?” I asked.

“No. But I know what he is.”

“Alright. I need to get you to a medical facility and put you under observation.”

She nodded. “Don’t hurt him.” She pleaded again.

“I won’t. I promise. I’m here to find him and take him someplace safe.”

Shelly nodded. “He’ll have changed back now that the suns all the way back up.”

“I know. I’ll find him. But lets get you looked at.”

I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around me. I carried her to the Night Life building and the infirmary there. Before I got there my phone rang and I answered, “Hello?”

“Nox. I just wanted to let you know. The boys and Chris were playing in the rafters. Matt was showing off and fell.”

“Is he alright?” I asked.

Jin spoke softly, “It looked worse than it was. Matt has a pretty big gash that is healing but…”

“But what?” I asked.

“Andrew showed up just before breakfast with flowers and chocolate for Matt and he’s here. If it were just Chris he could just heal up naturally and make a joke of it. Now the two of them are trying to fix him up without showing Andrew that he’s already healed.”

I nodded. “I’m on my way back now. Keep it covered and we’ll figure something out.”

Jin agreed and hung up the phone quickly to tend to Matt. I wondered where Sage and Dee where. Probably wrapped up in each other as usual. I lamented to myself, “If it’s not one thing it’s another.”

Shelly hugged me tighter. “Everything will be alright.”

I nodded. “I know.” And hugged her back in my arms.

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