Bound to the Son

I don’t know how long I was out of it. Dev was laying next me. Ant was standing in front of the window. He didn’t turn around as he spoke, “That probably wasn’t a good idea since you wanted to find Rob.”

I looked out the window and saw the first rays of light peaking over the horizon. “Ant?”

He didn’t look back. “The sun is calling to me.” he whispered.

Dev kissed my shoulder. “He’s been standing there all night.”

“I passed out all night?”

Dev kissed my shoulder again. “Yeah. Whatever magical stunt you pulled drained you completely. Ant had to help me get you dressed hope you don’t mind.”

I looked down and saw the t-shirt and boxers on. Dev added, “You were dead weight. I couldn’t lift you and normally I can. It was like the weight of the world was on you.”

Ant spoke. “I think this is what it meant bound to the son.”

The sun was blazing through the window and Ant’s skin didn’t smoke. He basked in the radiant light. I’d seen him and other vampires stand in the sun at the Night Life building but this was different.

“Can we go outside?” he asked.

I nodded. “Let me get dressed. Dev what’s your plan?”

“Let’s go get breakfast and then you can go home.”

“Okay.” I nodded. “I don’t want to go you know?”

Dev laughed, “I don’t want you to either, but you have a kid to find and I’ve a concert to prepare for.”

I leaned over and kissed Dev softly. As I pulled on my jeans I asked, “You feel different Dev?”

He looked at me with those ice blue eyes and I knew the answer was yes. “Tell me.”

Dev sighed and stood up to wrap his arms around me. “It’s not important Nox.”

“It’s bad isn’t it?”

Dev sighed. “I can handle it.”

“Dev. Tell me, please.” I begged.

“Everything is ten-fold. I hear more. Farther than I have before. I can see into your dreams without trying. I can find anyone I want in the dream. And that’s only what I know right now.”

Ant was standing next to me, “Nox, the sun doesn’t burn me. Whatever you did amplified everything. But with all the new power I feel less hungry.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled my boots on. “I have less.” I said. I wasn’t sure what I meant, or how to explain it but felt less.

Ant nodded as he tossed me his shirt, “That would explain it, you shared your unknown with us. Sex and blood – Nox. Sex and blood.”

I sighed. “So what am I supposed to do blood someone and have sex with them.”

“We didn’t have sex Ant said.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ve had sex with both of you.”

“No,” Dev said, “Well you have but there was only you losing perfect control the only way you know how to let go.”

Ant suggested, “We should find others you trust completely Nox. Ones you want to grant power. Maybe that’s how you help define this new world. You make the rules the ruling council of all the races. Vampire and Human and Venatori are taken.”

“Venatori isn’t taken.”

“Who do you trust?”

“Honestly, Dorian is the only one I trust. And I don’t think he wants this.”

Dev and Ant both said at the same time, “None of us wanted any of this.”

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