A year a go today I wrote this. #throwbackthursday

The Mind of Nox

Before I get into the topic I’d like to apologize for the horrible posts the past three days. They were all written on a phone while riding in a car while AJ tried not to get too car sick before finishing it.

Anyway, There comes a time in everyone’s life where they reach a crossroads, the crossing of two paths. There were plenty of minor crossroads throughout my life, but I can think of only one that set me on the course of my current path. As always there was the easy decision, and then the one that no one else would like. As always it’s one of my typical rants here – how the Venatori kill before thinking about why they are hunting a particular supernatural being.

My very first hunt was a ghost who was inhabiting humans and killing people. The current host for the ghost was a…

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