Lunch with Sage turned into dinner with Sage and the next two days pretty much followed the same pattern. Except my dreams. While there was no heart bursting, shooting awake moments, there was fear when I woke up. It wasn’t my fear that I felt. I woke up safe against Sage’s side, his arm wrapped around my back, and my head pressed against his chest and shoulder. The best part of Sage growing up with a pack was they liked to touch, and Sage didn’t mind that I needed it. We had started out apart, but always I ended up next to him so we stopped trying to stay to our own sides.

I knew who two of the three other kids were from my dreams while I was away. I hadn’t dared sleep away from Sage since what I’d tried with Sam and Emma, but neither of them had called me or gotten in touch with me so I assumed things were good for them. I hoped they were. I didn’t want them afraid. I would do something else if I had to.

Sage and Dorian were both still looking for that third boy for me, while I was working with the Academy to try and get me in touch with both of the other boys. Right now it was coming down to the parents didn’t want me talking to their kids. Apparently Dylan and his wife and Emma’s parents had given a warning to someone about me. Dorian was trying his best, but he could only do so much without invoking their wrath as well and he was to proper for that. But I knew he was trying.

I had a meeting with Darwynn later. The next batch of kids to go on survival was about to head out in a few days and I wanted to make sure he understood what I was asking of him. I also wanted to touch base see how he was settling into his new life. He wasn’t some all powerful leader now. He was a lackey. I expected he’d rise, but right now he was nothing where James Wright was concerned. I just hoped that he kept my name out of his conversations. Last thing Darwynn needed was my name dragging him through the mud.

We were meeting at a neutral location. And for Venatori and CCB that meant the Night Life building. We’d grab a cup of coffee and talk. Sounded perfectly normal, except it wasn’t.

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The Orange Door (7/1/2017)
Meeting Sam (7/1/2017)
Meeting Emma (7/2/2017)
Protection (7/3/2017)
Sam’s Mom (7/3/2017)
Calling Dad (7/4/2017)
I Need a Break (7/5/2017)
Lost In Thought (7/5/2017)
Company (7/6/2017)
Reflection (7/6/2017)
Coffee Shop Talk (7/7/2017)
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Do You Like Them? (7/10/2017)
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Interference (7/11/2017)
Jeffery (7/12/2017)
Marvin (7/12/2017)
The Missing Boy (7/13/2017)
Running into Dev (7/13/2017)
Takeout (7/14/2017)
My Wolf Boy (7/14/2017)
Apologies (7/15/2017)
Furious Demon (7/15/2017)
Dream Walker (7/16/2017)
Shields (7/16/2017)
Quieter (7/17/2017)
Up All Night (7/17/2017)
Breakfast (7/18/2017)
Caught Kissing (7/18/2017)
Walk to School (7/19/2017)
My Dad’s Job (7/19/2017)
Broken Bits (7/20/2017)
Vampire Calls (7/20/2017)
Lunch with Dev (7/21/2017)
My Studio (7/22/2017)
Fouresome (7/22/2017)
Long Run (7/23/2017)
All of Us Together (7/23/2017)
Broken Shields (7/24/2017)
Nightmare (7/24/2017)
Next Morning (7/25/2017)
My Son (7/25/2017)
I Love You (7/26/2017)
Train Ride (7/26/2017)
Rooftops (7/27/2017)
Dreams (7/28/2017)
Waking Up (7/28/2017)
Dr. Eriksen (7/29/2017)
Empty Room (7/29/2017)
Moving Rooms (7/30/2017)
My New Home (7/30/2017)
Who’s That (7/31/2017)
Meeting the Group (7/31/2017)
Phone Calls (8/1/2017)
Dinner Time (8/1/2017)
Rehabilitation (8/2/2017)
Dreams of Dev (8/2/2017)
Ghosts and Maras (8/2/2017)
Breakfast (8/3/2017)
Trades (8/3/2017)
Computer Time (8/4/2017)
No Such Luck (8/5/2017)
Scars (8/6/2017)
Mr. Sétanta (8/6/2017)
Screams (8/7/2017)
The Dream Tree (8/7/2017)
Crisis (8/8/2017)
Visitors (8/8/2017)
A Long Talk (8/9/2017)
Hallway Banter (8/9/2017)
Forging Bonds (8/10/2017)
Levi’s Not Here (8/10/2017)
Push and Pull (8/11/2017)
Lone Tree (8/11/2017)
Werewolf Attack (8/12/2017)
Truth and Lies (8/13/2017)
Calming my temper (8/14/2017)
The Darkness (8/14/2017)
It’s My Dream (8/15/2017)
Not Again (8/16/2017)
What Did I Miss (8/16/2017)
Exile (8/17/2017)

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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