The Darkness

I struggled to breathe. The air was thick and I felt like I was drowning. I could see nothing, I couldn’t feel anything. There were no currents in the air. It was a void. Nothing. No life save me. No air, no light, no ground. I couldn’t even feel the elements around me. I felt nothing had nothing to work with it was devoid of everything.

My heart raced as I felt the panic rising. There was nothing to see. Nothing to touch. Nothing to hear, or small. The only thing I tasted was fear. My fear…

I drifted in this nothingness. Panic coursed through my body I fought to take control. If I let it come at me I’d never figur anything out. I had to think. What had happened before… Dee…

Black eyes. Fuck! Demon…

As if on queue the red eyes showed up and a man in a black suit and pale skin stood in front of me. His eyes weren’t red, they were brown more like mine. But the magic behind him made everything about him look red – the fires of hell glowing underneath his skin. He cackled with pleasure at my realization. He knew what I was thinking.

“Of course I do, we are inside your head.” He looked around and the world lit up to reveal my dreamscape. The lone tree in the background, the lush green field filled with blooming flowers, but they were dying all around him. “I never understood this setting. Why the barren tree? Why the field? But it was my pleasure to take it from you. And I’ll take it again.”

The man looked at me through hell fire eyes and I felt my mouth go dry. I felt the power flow around him. I got lost in the fear. It was the same presence that Garrett had. My eyes went wide and the demon man laughed. “Yes. I’m the one you fear, not that meat puppet who you thought. He’s nothing in the scheme of things.”

The air shimmered and shifted and just behind the demon a man on rack was being stretched. His limbs pulled to the point of popping. He screamed and the demon walked over to the screaming man and ran his fingers down his check. “Isn’t he beautiful in pain. Do you know his greatest fear?”

I shook my head.

He laughed, “Come now, guess.”

“He’s afraid of the things he did to us as kids.”

The demon opened his mouth and manical laughter fled. He cackled as he touched Garrett’s face and looked at me with those red eyes. The eyes I was afraid of. This was my nightmare come to life. “Would you like to make him fear you, Nox? Torture him like he tortured you. I’ll give him to you, here in your dreams of eternity.”

The fear in Garrett’s eyes grew. His bottom lip quivered and I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to unleash fury on the man that tortured me my whole life. I shook my head. “No. I’m not Garrett. I don’t hurt people because I can.”

The demon sighed and waved his hand and the cranks turned again and Garrett screamed and then with another wave of his hand the image was gone and Garrett went back to whatever hell he had come from. If it were even real. This was a dream.

“Oh all dreams are real on some level or another. Specially for a Master of dreams such as me. You little boyfriend is trying so very hard to get in through your newly crafted shields. You could invite him in to play.”

I thought hard and hoped Dev would hear, “No, lover stay away. Please stay away.”

“He can’t hear you, but I can. Your body is exquisit. The lump of a man Garrett could have been this powerful if he’d only tried. But you – you see things differently don’t you.” He sauntered over to me, almost floating over the green grass. I watched as it died as he moved towards me. It withered and turned black before dying. I thought I heard tiny litle screams as each little leaf died.

The demon…. “Oh please boy, you know my name. Call me by it.”

I was confused. “I know what you know. You know what I know come… boy.”

He started towards the three and I followed without thinking. When I realized what I’d done I’d stopped. I’d made a promise. And I was going to stick to that promise. I told Sage I’d never let anyone control me like The Dragon had. I closed my eyes, not that it mattered we were in my head anyway. I dug around looking searching for things that weren’t me. I found a name – Morpheus.

The demon laughed as he came to a stop at the tree. A single flame danced upon his his hand and he threw it at the tree. I felt the pain of burning. I could feel it on my skin but I wasn’t burning, the dream was burning the tree – me…

The demon…. “Morpheus,” it said. “My name is Morpheus not the demon.”

I grinned at him and thought demon… as hard as I could.

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