Lone Tree

I wondered why the darkness was there. I guessed I never truly learned how to dream with my nightmares always present. But the tree was mine and I stood staring at the barren bark from a distance. A green patch lay at it’s feet nestling the stone dragon in it’s roots. And two paths where Dev had walked. He made the grass grow in my desolate imagry.

A soft breeze blew and I could smell lavender and jasmine mixed with Dev’s citrus. There was a light touch of rose mixed in and I stared in awe as the field where the lone tree stood turned green and then flowers bloomed and I could hear the sound of a nearby creek – the running water the only real sound in the area. I looked around but I didn’t see anyone. Just me and the new plants. The tree remained barren. But everything else around it was lush and vibriant. I wondered what it all meant when I heard the echo, “It means nothing pretty boy.”

I looked around and sa Dev standing a few feet behind me with Sage. Sage was looking around – this was his first time in my head and I was sure he expected something more.

Dev smiled at me, “It’s hard bringing Sage through your shields. We can’t stay long.”

I smiled at him, “That’s okay. I got to see you. Dee spending the night?”

Sage nodded and said something, but I couldn’t hear him. Dev sighed, “Sage said, yes, Dee’s here with us. We all miss you. Dev couldn’t bring you.”

“The communication must be through telepathy?” I questioned but it wasn’t meant for an answer.

Sage tugged at Dev’s hand and they walked to the tree. Sage’s hand was crassing the bart and I felt a sharp shock. The eyes on the trunk popped open and Sage fell backwards and winked out of existence.

Dev smiled at me. “He’s alright. I can’t hold him here. We have to practice this. But I think it’s doable. If we all learn, and maybe if you are with us.”

“Defeats the purpose if I’m with you.” I whined.

Dev held out his hand and I took it. He drew me close and pressed his lips to mine as he put his other hand on my hip and pulled us even closer together. We kissed long and hard before I heard a blaring sound. Dev looked around, “That’s on your side pretty boy.”

I sighed. “Tell Sage I’m sorry I didn’t get to kiss him too. Will you kiss them both for me.”

Dev chuckled, “My pleasure, pretty boy.” Dev waved and then was gone. I was alone in my newly light place. It didn’t fade with their departure and the grass stayed green, the blossoms wilted only a little as if the sun had faded just a little and they were sad. They were sad – I was sad.

The sound echoed again through my eyes and I willed myself awake. It wasn’t hard, I’d I’d done it so many times before.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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