Caught Kissing

The boys went upstairs to get ready for school. Sage looked at me then looked at Dev grinning at me. He asked, “So was this too much Dev?”

The smirk never faded as he shook his head. “I got to see a Venatori Magnus work his magic without trying to kill me afterwards. I got to curl up next to pretty boy here. I got to rummage through the closet of my lovers with their permission. And I got an awesome breakfast cooked for me. Plus the added conversation of two of three boys I think I might want to get to know better.” Dev walked around the island and kissed Sage with a tender press of his lips. “Deadshot you should get back to work now. We’ll go see a movie Sunday afternoon. Just me and you, I promise. You spend enough time with Dee she shouldn’t drag herself along this time.”

There was a pink tinge to Sage’s ears and cheeks when Dev moved away from him, but I caught Dev and held him close while I took my turn kissing my love. Sage pulled away first and smiled at me before he leaned to my ear and whispered loud enough that I knew Dev could hear too, “I want to see you kissing Dev.”

Dev laughed, “As you wish.” I looked from one blue eyed boy to the other reveling in the difference in the blues. Bright sapphire and baby blue. I hummed to myself as Dev pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine. I parted my lips and his tongue slipped in and explored my mouth. I reached up behind him and pulled him in tighter against me and he let out a small moan and felt my whole body react. Sage moaned and…

There was a loud clearing of a throat. Sage was red as a beat and Dev was chuckling as we all pulled away from each other, hands lingering a little.

“I gotta go to work.” Sage pressed a kiss to my cheek and then one to Dev’s and headed down stairs.

I asked, “You two ready?”

Fae nodded. “Yeah. Waitin on you.”

Dev wrapped his arm around my waist, “You mind if I walk you to work?”

Drake came in and giggled, “You can walk with us. If I can walk in the middle and you swing me.”

I looked at Dev and laughed, “You heard the little man, can you handle that?”

“I think I can.” He lifted Drake up and offered Fae his hand. The little wolf looked at Dev’s hand and took it slowly. I wrapped my arm around Fae’s shoulders and kissed his forehead. He was getting there.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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