My New Home

Sam rolled me the infirmary elevator which wasn’t the same as the elevators used by normal transport and there was little panic plus it was only up one level in some far off corner where no one really went. Who wanted to visit the mental patients. It was kind of amazing that the Venatori had such a place. A place where those with mental illness could get the treatment and care they needed. It seemed far to loving for them. And maybe it was, or maybe someone had a heart. But I wouldn’t put it past the Venatori to be experimenting on the populace of the ward. Testing and watching, giving drugs because the Venatori won’t say no when it’s other Venatori helping them out. Stupid idiotic people.

The orderly didn’t try to talk to me as he rolled me through the empty halls. Rolling up to automatic double doors that locked as soon as they closed was disheartening. There was no leaving without permission. I couldn’t just up and walk away. Not that I could at the moment but I was about to have a lot of time on my hands.

The chair stopped rolling in front of the desk and a nurse came out and checked my vitals. “Mr. Sétanta how are you feeling today?”

“It’s Nox and I’m alive and awake what more could I ask for.” I grinned at the stocky woman, she wasn’t fat by anymeans just more wide probably one of those tough as nurses who can put a man down in a heart beat. “What’s your name?”

She smiled at me then said, “Don’t you worry about charming me, boy. You won’t be seeing me any time soon.”

I frowned playfully. “And here I thought you liked me.”

She grinned back and patted my head. “Be good for the nurses and you won’t see me until you leave.”

I nodded. “Yes ma’am.”

Sam rolled me through another set of locking automatic doors and the noise of occupancy touched my ears the moment they opened. It was loud and I could hardly think because of it. Sam said, “You’ll get used to the noise.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I’m going to take you to your room, then we’ll one of the nuses will walk you to the common room where you can join your group.”

“My group?” I asked.

“We have a group treatment policy. Up to five patients who can get alone in a group to assist each other and be friends so no one is left out. Socialization is one of the best methods for the broken mind.”

“Except for those who are freaked out by being in someone elses presence I imagine.”

“You aren’t one of them are you?”

I laughed. “Me? No, never. I thrive on being the center of attention. I won’t be surprised if everyone loves me by the end of dinner.”

Sam laughed as he passed his card over a locked room. “This is your room. Madison had your friends bring some of your things here.” He rolled me inside and helped me stand up. My legs were still weak and wobbly but I managed just fine to sit down on my lumpy mattress and take the surroundings in.

It was really nothing more than my studio apartment except there was no bathroom. I had a table bolted to the floor and heavy chair that swiveled and was attached to it like you see in some of those old fashioned diners or in the cafeteria. My bed was made up of a lumpy mattress a single white pillow and a grey blanket with white sheets. I was betting they’d be red with blood tonight.

There was a plain metal set of drawers bolted to the wall. The three drawers were slightly open and I could see my clothes inside. Or more from Dorian’s purchases either way. On the desk sat a box of crayons with a note attached to it on top of several composition notebooks – no spirals here. The lined paper would suck for drawing, so would the crayon’s but Dorian knew that I’d need something to help pass the nightmares by. Rolled in the corner was a yoga mat which I found surprising that something so simple could make me happy.

In each corner there was a black orb and a camera. The door locked from the outside and there was a small thick glass window set in it and an intercom next to it. At least I could talk to someone if I needed to. The thought of being locked in this room at night made my anxiety rise. I wasn’t afraid of enclosed places but being trapped was not something I was fond of.

Sam had left me alone in the room with my thoughts. Someone would be along he’d said before he left. I wasn’t looking forward to this at all.

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