At the bottom of the stairs we heard Garrett open the door and when I looked down he was staring up at the three of us. But he huffed and turned back down the hall and I assumed to security to see about getting the recording. I stood up with the kids in my arms and let them find their feet. “I have to get that recording.”

The let me move but as soon as I was standing in front of the console they were attached to me again. I worked as quickly as I could and saved the file of the camera to my phone which I then sent to Sage with a message. “Keep this safe for me, love. I’ll explain in a bit.”

He sent me a quick reply, “Got it.”

I put my phone away and knelt down between the two kids and smiled at them. I knew how to shield myself from a lot of things. We could protect ourselves from mental intrusion by paths. I don’t know why I never thought of trying it with Garrett, maybe because I didn’t realize he was still in my head. But these kids hadn’t learned how to shield anything. I knew pack magic could protect from some things, but I wasn’t pack. But Adrian insisted I was. So I focused on that one truth, the hope that I could protect these kids from themselves. I pulled on that invisible connection, the pack bond. And I felt Sage, I heard him gasp in my head. I felt Drake. I blinked when I felt Matt there too… When the fuck did I did I do that? Faelen was there too. I couldn’t see them, but I felt them. I could sense them. And at a distance I felt others but I didn’t know what that meant.

I extended that connection to the kids I wrapped them in that sense of safety that was the pack. The home, the forest, safe. Family. Pack! They both relaxed in my arms and I felt them next to me both physically and mentally. I don’t know what it all meant, but if it kept them safe then I would take it.

I needed to talk to Adrian. Or maybe Darwynn when he got back. I kissed each of them on the head. “I think you’ll be safe now. But you tell me if you aren’t okay?”

They both nodded and I carried them down stairs and to their families. I wanted to have a chat with them.

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