I left Fae to his slumber with a kiss on the forehead and went into our bedroom. Not Sage’s, not mine, ours. He was siting on the end of the bed taking of his socks. He didn’t look up as I stood in the doorway watching him.

“I’m sorry.” I said. “I’m moving things along as fast as I can. All the furniture I intend to sell back to the Venatori. So the next person who moves in will have furnishings. There is nothing at my place that I want.”

Sage looked up at me and frowned, “There are coffee mugs still there.”

I laughed. “There are three still in the apartment. Jace likes to come by and make coffee. Those mugs he has given me every birthday for the past five years. I’ve broken one, brought one here and the other three are in that cupboard to stay. I don’t need a whole set.”

Sage frowned. “I thought that was the point of them?”

I shook my head. “Nope. Jace didn’t remember what he got me, so he gets me a coffee mug. Even though Mia gets my real present every year.”

“The chocolate cake.”

I nodded.

“Is it bad he’s predictable?” Sage asked.

“Is it bad I’m predictable?”

Sage shook his head. “No. Maybe one day he’ll get this.”

“He’s never going to get us. And he’s never going to be happy once he finds out that you were looking for another couple and you didn’t think to include him.”

Sage frowned. “I thought…”

I interrupted, “I’m not having sex with Jace – ever. But that doesn’t mean he won’t like it.”

Sage sighed with relief. “I wasn’t excluding him and Mia. I like Jace well enough, he doesn’t like me too well. But if you could have I would have. I mean that was just perfect wasn’t it. But you won’t so I didn’t even think about it.”

I smiled. “It’s alright, Sage. I knew why. I’m just saying if he ever ends up meeting Dev and Dee or whoever we settle on to fill out the ranks of our family here, then he won’t be happy about it either which way.”

Sage sighed. “I’m sorry if I made that worse.”

I sat down next to Sage and kissed his cheek. “Jace will be Jace, don’t worry about it.”

Sage kissed pushed me backwards in the bed and laid down next to me. “I’m sorry about before too. I just want you to be happy here.”

“I’m happy here. I’m happy with you.”

Sage climbed on top of me and pressed his lips to me. “You happy with Dee and Dev?”

I grinned up at him. “I like Dev. And I think Dee and I can find something in common. Do you like them?”

“Yeah. Dee is nice. I like her we have a lot in common. And Dev is fun. But I like him mostly cause he likes you.” Sage pressed his body to mine. “I’m sorry about lying to. I’m sorry about pushing moving in. I forget you live the way you do.” He pressed into me and I pulled him close to me. “Nox. I want…”

“Love, I’m yours. You don’t need to ask.”

He kissed me and pulled at my shirt while bit on my neck. “I don’t want to take anything from you, Nox.”

“You aren’t love, I gave it to you already and I’ll keep giving it to you.”

We became one. Hands and mouths all over. Clothes left slowly as we rubbed against each other. The best part of being with Sage was he liked it slow. He was a tentative lover but he knew exactly what I loved. His body pressed against mine as he kissed me long and deep. His teeth biting into my lip, his tongue soothing it the mark. I enjoyed the slow press of his hips to mine. Our naked bodies fit together and we weren’t even into the best part of sex.

Sage pushed me down and pressed inside me. My love liked it slow and he drove me crazy as he moved inside me. I wanted to scream but the boys were across the hall. Sage covered my mouth with his hand and I groaned against him. He knew what I wanted to be loud. I screamed against his hand had and he groaned against my neck as he came inside me and I followed him only moments later as he thrust through his orgasm. “Fuck, love.” I said when he removed his hand from my mouth.

Sage pulled me against him and covered me up, “Sleep, Nox.”

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