Not Again

I opened my eyes and promptly closed them again the white lights of the Infirmary glared down on me and the soft beeping of the monitors. I shifted in the hospital bed and felt the hand clutching mine stir and I turned in that direction. Beside me sitting in the chair was a tossle of brown hair. She murmurred in her sleep. I put my hand in her hair and she stirred again. Then she was clutching at her head.

There was movement on the other side of my bed and I saw Dev and Sage come around to Dee. Her hands clutching her head. Dev said, “It stopped when we left the dream, what’s going on?”

“She’s an empath.” I said groggily.

Sage looked up at me and fell ontop of me crushing me, “Nox!” And then he pulled away and looked back to Dee and frowned. “Wait, what?”

I touched her head again and shared my shield with her and she calmed down. “She doesn’t have a shield.”

Dev laughed but I could hear it shaking. He was nervous. “I’ve seen it. You have too.”

“Not anymore.” I said. “The demon is dead.”

“What?” Dev stood up in anger. I don’t think he was mad the demon was dead, but that the demon had something to do with Dee – his Dee.

Dev frowned at me. “Our Dee. Jesus fucking christ Nox … our.”

I looked away from him and he grabbed my chin. “Just because you weren’t here doesn’t make it any less so. We’ve grown together because of your fucking life. The three of us here waiting for you to wake up – day in and day out. All of us worried about you.”

Sage looked at Dev. Dev shook his head. “Why is she better now?” Dev asked.

“I’m lending her my shield.”

“We’ll have to teach her how. We can all lend her some and teach her to build it up. How do you know she’s an empath Nox? Did the demon tell you before it died?”

I shook my head. “No. I see it now. Like I see you are a telepath, and like Sage is a technopath. I see her now. See the patterns around her now that the demon isn’t protecting her from her power. I see everything about her now. I don’t think she’ll be happy.”

Sage frowned, “You mean she’s like the rest of us – not normal.”

“Why would you want to be normal Sage?” I asked. He frowned at me and sighed.

Dev frowned, “He says you’ll never understand.” He pressed a finger to my lips to quiet me, he knew I wanted to go off on the fact that I did know what he meant. Dev took Sage in his arms and pressed a kiss to his lips. “He understands far better than you or I will ever know. But let’s help Dee. You and I can lend our shields to Dee. We can help her learn about who she is. She’ll need all of us.”

Sage nodded and he pressed his hand to Dee’s head. “I don’t know what to do.”

Dev and I laughed together. “You do, just touch her and it’ll happen.” Dev said.

I added. “You’ll want to think extending your shield rather than just letting it work. We don’t want you to have to touch her all the time.” I grinned at him, “The rest of us might get jealous.”

Sage grinned. Dev laughed as he put his hand on top of ours and we all feed her a little bit of our shieldinging. I sent the power of pack through them. Sage gasped and Dev looked at me with wide eyes. “What are you doing Nox?” Sage breathed out.

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