Walk to School

Dev and I walked to AU building with Drake between ours hands and he swung back and forth. Fae was wrapped around my arm like he was afraid of Dev. Dev smiled. “He’s alright, Nox. Don’t worry so much.”

Fae looked at Dev with a shy smile and Dev grinned back. “He worries so much about the three of you.”

Drake giggled. “He’s Daddy, he’s supposed to.”

Dev nodded. “Yeah I guess he is.”

We didn’t take the train, we should have. The boys were going to be cutting it close to check in time. We’d finally gotten Fae to stay in the Academy under the pretense he didn’t have to spend the night. And being a werewolf who could shift at any time they rules were bent for Fae. It’s funny that the Venatori hunt supernatural creatures but they really know nothing about them. A teenage werewolf isn’t going to just randomly shift. But the Venatori think that all werewolves can shift into wolf form no matter their age. Mostly because a bitten human changes no matter the age. Could be a child, could be an adult if they survive the initial bite and infection and carry the virus that mutates them, then they change. There are a few recorded cases of werewolves victims who should have turned but didn’t turn. They survived but didn’t shift. but it’s so rare it’s not really well studied or documented. Usually they are chalked up to regular wolf or dog attacks not a werewolf. Mistaken identity. I’m sure some Venatori is studying it. But them maybe not.

But if you are born a wolf like Faelen was, then you shift for the first time in your early twenties. Around twenty-two. I think Adrian said that the earliest was 19 but that was rare and same for the top end of twenty-five. Both instances very rare.

The AU building towered over us and Faelen reached under Drake’s arms and picked him up. “I got him. You say goodbye to your boyfriend.” Faelen gave an all too knowing grin and kissed my cheek.

“Cheeky lad.” Dev said with a smirk.

“The fact he said that means he likes you.” I sighed, “The fact that I have two and a half adopted kids doesn’t bother you does it?”

Dev took my hand and pulled to the side of the building out of the way of the crowds passing to and fro on the street. “Honestly, I thought it would be when they came home the other night. We had plans. But this morning proved to be different. The boys seemed okay with the idea that you were not just a couple. Faelen seems open to the idea.”

I shrugged. “Wolves mate for life. I don’t know. Matt’s into guys only. Faelen doesn’t know what he wants. Drake is three.”

Dev added. “And you and Sage are both bi.”

“No, Sage is more than pan than bi. His last girlfriend before me was transgender man who dumped him because she wanted to date someone hotter than him – her words not mine. No idea what she’d consider hotter than Sage.”

The look on Dev’s face was mocking me, “What you don’t think I’m hotter than Sage?”

I grinned and ran my finger down Dev’s jawline. “There is no competition between you two. If this is going to work there can’t be.”

Dev asked, “Do you want this to work?”

“I think I do.” I sighed, “It’ll be harder for me with Dee. But I want to make Sage happy. And I think I’ll enjoy getting to know you two better.”

“I promised Sage a movie night, you and Dee should get together and hang out.” Dev took my phone from my pocket and handed it to me, “Unlock it so I can add the numbers for you.”

I swiped the phone with nothing flashy and Dev sighed. “You don’t really care who gets into your phone?”

I smiled. “There are other preventatives on the phone thanks to my hacker boyfriend and the paranoia of the Venatori.”

“You know he doesn’t call you his boyfriend?” Dev said.

I nodded. “He doesn’t like the gender specificity of it. I’m his partner. I’m okay with that. And then calling my on again off again partner at work becomes weird if I said oh this is my partner. Oh? You get the conversation.”

We stood there looking at each other. I couldn’t help the linger of my eyes on his his attire. He was wearing Sage’s jeans, they were just a little too long for him but fit his hips. He was wearing my favorite blue shirt and it was a little tight in the chest and I couldn’t keep my eyes from him. I made myself look up into his baby blue eyes and grinned at him. His eyes were bright and he was letting me check him out. He asked, “You want me to spin and turn?”

I laughed. “Would you mind?”

Dev chuckled and pushed off the wall he was leaning on and did that classic slow turn you see all the woman do when showing off their outfit. I wanted to dance with him in that moment. “I knew that was a rhetorical question but that thought, you haven’t asked it.”

“What the whole wanting to dance with you?” I asked. He nodded with smirk. “One day I’d like to go dancing with you. Not to a club. Something more. Sage has an embarassment quota dressing him up would be too much he’d nothing but red the whole time if I pushed beyond that.”

“I think Dee is more your gal on that.”

I shook my head, “You can move. I can see it. I’ll get you to dance with me. Maybe not soon, but we have time.”

Dev shook his head. “I can dance. I choose not to.”

“Party pooper.” I grinned at him and pulled him close by the belot loop of his jeans. “I have to go or I’ll be late and my day has already been interrupted.”

Dev frowned. “What interrupted your day?”

I kissed him softly and let him take control of it when his tongue slipped into my mouth. He tasted of breakfast and coffee and a shiver ran through my body. I whispered against his lips when he let me up for air, “You did. But it’s worth it.”

Dev smiled. “Alright. I won’t be mad then. I don’t want to upset the balance, Nox.”

“You have already done that but it’s okay. Sage needs you and Dee and I think I do too. I’ll see you at lunch still?”

Dev nodded. “With bells on.”

I laughed. “Can I hold you to that?”

“Maybe.” Dev pressed a kiss to my cheek and turned on his heel to walk to the nearest train station. He turned around and waved once before I went inside the building to see about work.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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