Up All Night

There was no coffee on, the pot had been turned off and was cold when I got downstairs. Sage hadn’t had any which meant he was dozing downstairs or on the verge of it. It was my first step in prepping breakfast anyway. I needed coffee. Comfort in a cup.

Tuesday was a simple meal, bacon and eggs. Adding pancakes wasn’t a problem. Drake and Fae both loved them. And I was getting better at them. I didn’t have to eat them so I could easily make it part of the everyday breakfast for the kids.

When the coffee was brewed I poured a large cup and took it downstairs. I heard Sage’s chair swivel towards to back staircase as I came down the stairs. I wasn’t making any noise that he could hear, I knew which steps squeaked. I loved watching him hone in on coffee alone. He didn’t have super strong senses like me or those he was around, but coffee was something everyone could smell even if they hated the stuff.

I was at the bottom of the steps with my blue-eyed boyfriend staring up at me from the floor. On the bottom step I was taller than him and he grinned up at me. “I like this view.”

I leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Dev’s in the shower told him he could find something to wear.”

Sage smiled. “You sleep okay?”

I nodded. “No more nightmares.”

Sage’s smile faded into a frown. “I’m sorry about that.”

I held a finger to Sage’s lips. “Shhh. It’s not your fault. You had to work. It’s going to happen. It’s just been a while, it’s like it built up or something. Dev helped me clean up and he stayed to make sure I slept. At the very least he could pull me out of the nightmare again.”

“What?” Sage said scratching his head then sipped at his coffee. “Oh god, thank you. I’m frazzled.”

“Sit down, love. I’ll get breakfast done and you can take a 20 minute break. I’m sure someone can handle it while you rest a little.”

Sage nodded. “I love you.” He said it like I was saving him from great doom. “I’ll get with Danny to cover me while I’m up stairs. He’ll understand.”

“If he doesn’t I’ll bring your food down to you. Just let me know love.” I pressed another kiss to his lips and he hummed against them.

“Mmmm, I think I missed a good morning.”

I laughed, “We only kissed.”

Sage pouted. “That all?”

I raised an eyebrow and he grinned at me. I rolled my eyes. “I’m going to go make breakfast.”

Sage had been up all night. He was going to be up all day. Which meant tonight was going to be a very early night for him if he could get this job taken care of tonight. I didn’t look forward to another sleepless night for him. For both our sakes.

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2 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. “He said it like I was saving him from great doom.” I love this line. :)

    “I laughed, “We only kissed.”
    Sage pouted. “That all?”
    lol Naughty Sage. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. :D

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    1. What can I say grins (We like that line too)

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