Truth and Lies

I don’t know how long I laid there but a woman cleared her throat and tapped on the door frame. “Nox?” Madison’s voice echoed in the small empty room.

I opened my eyes and squinted at her before I closed them again. “Hmmm?” I asked. I didn’t want to move I was tired and I was going to have a long few nights.

“You have an appointment with Dr. Eriksen.”

I sighed. “Can we do it in here, I don’t want to move?”

Another voice echoed behind Madision. “I suggested the same thing.”

My eyes popped open and I sat up straighter on the bed. Dr. Eriksen was a pretty woman, her green eyes were dull and the patterns around her swirled with disorientantion and I had to cover my eyes with my hands otherwise I might lose what little I’d left in my stomach from dinner the night before.

“I’d like to take a look at your vitals and see how well you are recovering.”

“I’m good as new.” My voice was muffled by my hands.

“Look at me.” Her voice was directly in front of me and I moved my hands and looked up knowing that there would be patterns and a bright light as she checked for pupil dialation and all that fun nuerological tests. Watch the light, don’t turn your head. Follow my finger. We’d done it all before after I’d woken up. They were annoying tests but I understood they were concerned about brain damage. I wasn’t. I was fine, even walking was easier.

After all that was said and done she sat down in the chair opposite me. It was a little awkward since it didn’t swivle all the way around and she was continually turning back towards the desk like it was meant to be used. “I don’t bite.” I said with a grin, “Unless you want me to that is.”

I saw a faint pink in her cheeks but it was gone as quick as it showed up. Not like my boy Sage. I missed him already. I really wanted to just curl up with my family and go to sleep after this. I was done a week.

Dr. Eriksen sighed and stood up to walk over to my bed and plopped down and let ou one of those well it could be worse sighs. “I have a confession to make. You’re miraculous recovery has fueld a great number of questions these past few weeks. And even more so as we progress through your stay here. Not only did you recover quickly you continue to fight off the poison that has been delivered to you. The doses have been increased and it’s like it never even affects you.”

“Wait. What? Poison.” I stood up and glared at her. I wanted to through her up against a wall and pin her there and make her speak, but I didn’t. I kept my hands at my sides. I clamped my shield down tighter than I ever had before. My powers wrapped around me like a bubble and I could feel them turning in on me lest I explode in a fury. While in control it’s still scary as fuck to be in the middle of the chaos if you don’t know what’s happening.

She never looked up. She didn’t even bother to meet my eyes. “It is well within our laws to experiment on you.”

“Experiment on me? What the fuck lady?” I started pacing to keep from blowing up. “I’m not some puppet you can do with whatever you wish.”

Dr. Eriksen met my brown eyes with her dull green ones and frowned. “It’s well within our rights. You signed the papers – we all do.”

“Bullshit. You tried to kill me. I could kill you now for that transgression against my life.”

“And someone will go after you to avenge my murder. We were well with in our rights.”

“Fuck you. I want out of here now.”

Dr Eriksen’s frown deepened. “You can’t. You need physological clearance. I will have them do their final evaluation but it can still take a few days.”

She stood up to leave and walked to the door, turning around just inside. “I was well with in my rights. We learned a great deal from you.”

“What else have you done to me?”

“Nothing. Just watch you. Study you. It’s why you are here. To control you. We’d like your cooperation and you can stay here.”

“No fucking way lady – no fucking way.”

She only nodded as she left me alone brooding in my fury.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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