Let’s Eat

Dee and Sage were chatting happily while eating. I plated myself and Dev and set a place next to Sage and Dee but he pulled it back to the same side and stood with me. “I can stand.”

Dee asked, “So Nox, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a bounty hunter.”

Dee giggled, “Oh, that’s exciting. Do you have any cool stories?”

“Not really. I have had a few runners, but most of them pretty quietly.” I said between mouthfuls. “What do to you two do for a living?”

Sage was grinning at me. “What?” I asked him.

“Nothing.” He said then stuffed his mouth mouth with chicken and let out a simple moan that sent a shiver up my spine.

There was a small awkward silence before Dev laughed, “He likes watching you with me. But I’ll answer your question to change the subject. I tend bar at Aspect, but I would like to consider myself a pretty good musician.”

“He’s pretty good.” Sage added. “Not that you would like any of it, not exactly dance worthy.”

“I like music.” I countered.

Dee put her hand in her curly brown hair and twirled. “I’m a nurse at Mount Sinai. I have some doozies I could tell. Dev has some stories he could tell. I remember one story about a guy on the dance floor who’s boyfriend was a tease.”

Dev smirked. “I think they were both teases. Though I only got a kiss from one.”

Sage was blushing. I kinda felt the same but I just grinned at them. “I vaguely remember you wanting to watch something else, or at least that’s what Sage said.” There was a nice rose color running up Sage’s neck and cheeks and it was growing darker at the reminder.

Dee ran her finger along his jaw line and he suqirmed. He moved away and put his plate in the sink. “I don’t remember that.” He chocked out. Dev gathered the rest of the plates and followed Sage.

Dee reache across the island and ran her fingers over my hand. “You are cuter than Sage said. And I thought I’d be disappointed with dinner.”

“What a guy can’t cook?” I asked with sarcasm.

“No, I’m just used to doing the cooking. Our roommates don’t know how to cook worth a crap and I get used to that.” Dee said. “It’s good to have someone who will cook for me.”

“I’ll cook for you anytime, Duckling.”

“Aww, already with the pet names.” Dee giggled.

Sage laughed, “He calls every girl Duckling.”

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