Dinner Date

I came downstairs wearing a pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt and the blue shirt Sage liked. The one that matched his eyes. My hair was easy enough to change to the sapphire blue, but I still had black painted nails. It was about five minutes after Sage had left to answer the door and I found a man I vaguely recognized waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs while a short brunette was pressing herself up against Sage and kissing him savagely.

The guy stood at the base of the steps and I stopped just short of the bottom so I was towering above me still. He took a step back into the foyer and smiled. “Devin. That’s Dee. Sage is a bit busy at the moment.”

I grinned. “I see that. Glad to finally put the scents to the people.” I gave him a bright smile and waved him into the kitchen down the hall. “No point in standing there while they do their thing.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” Devin asked ask he followed me.

I glanced over my shoulder and turned around to walk backwards. “It bothers me a little.”

“You don’t remember me do you? All those times in the club just blur together for you.” Devin smirked as he sat down at the bar.

I shrugged. “I see a lot of people. I know I’ve seen you somewhere but I could have seen you at Aspect, or Flit or some other club. Or I could have met you on the subway.”

Devin laughed and he walked around the bar and pulled me close and kissed me hard. His tongue slid between my lips and I moaned. He chuckled, “You remember that?”


Sage walked in while Devin was still in my personal space, but it was the woman behind him that spoke “I see he doesn’t waste any time.”

She walked up to Devin and wrapped her arm around his waist and pulled him down and kissed him. I stepped away and she grabbed my hand and I paused. She looked up at me with a soft smile, “You two tasted good together.”

I tried to move away again and Devin took her hand from my arm, “Let him go, he’s trying to feed us.”

I gave him a smile in thanks and pulled the food out of the oven and started plating the dishes out. I glanced at the three of them talking together on the other side of the island. Dee was pretty. She was much short then Devin and Sage by several inches but she felt taller than either of them at times. Her presence was demanding. It made me smile. Her hazel eyes sparkled as she spoke to the boys with animation.

Just then the front door burst open and the three boys came in. I looked at Sage, “You didn’t tell them to go to the studio or Kai’s?”

Sage frowned. “I forgot I’m sorry.”

“Finish plating I got it.” I smiled at him.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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