What Did I Miss

I just smiled at Sage. “Making sure she’ll be okay.”

Sage shook his head. “That’s a pack bond. And not just any bond. You can’t do that with this many people.”

I nodded. “I just did.”

Dev looked at me, “What did you do?”

Sage looked at him. “He tied us to him. No one in the pack can touch us. We are his – mate.”

“It’s not like that.” I said. “It’s protection. Same as what I did with you before with a change.”

“That isn’t the same. I don’t feel compelled to do anything like before. I’m not your alpha. This is the mating bond, Nox I know it is.”

“It’s not. I change it. Sage I promise it’s only to help protect us all from threats. You can feel me. I can feel you. There will be no worry if we are safe – we’ll know.”

Sage frowned, “And then I’ll know and I won’t be able to do shit about it.”

I grinned at him. “There are a lot of things we need to talk about. But I don’t think you’ll need to worry about me getting hurt.”

Sage rolled his eyes. But Dev’s hand on his shoulder made him look at the other man. “He’s telling the truth isn’t he. He thinks we’ll be in danger, but he won’t be getting in it without us.”

Dev laughed. “We’ll always worry. He’ll always be in danger. But I think he has a plan. I can’t sense it.”

Dee stirred below our hands and when she sat up her eyes were red and puffy and she looked like she’d been crying. “What happened she asked?”

Dev pulled her into him and brought the three of them together in a tight embrace, “Oh nothing. Just a little bonding.” Sage groaned but Dee held them close.

I felt left out. I didn’t even want to think about moving or joining them. My body ached like I’d run a marathon. Dee looked at me and frowned. “Why are you sad? You are sad right?”

I smiled. “I feel left out. The three of you all hugging and pressed together like the lovers that you are.”

She smiled and patted my leg. “We are only here because of you.”

“I know.” I chaned the subject. “What did I miss?”

Sage frowned, “About two weeks worth of things. And Dev’s birthday.”

I looked around the room and saw the Halloween decorations and I asked, “Did you get a lot of trick-or-treators?”

Dev laughed. “I told you he knew what Halloween was.”

“I’ve never done any of that, but I’m not an idiot.”

Sage blushed. “See told you he didn’t do any of it.”

Dee looked at them and then back at me and sat down on the bed. Her hand ran through my long hair. “You’ve been out of it for a few weeks. It was a few days ago since we finally breached your shileds. Are you okay?”

“I’ll be better once I get out of this bed.” I kinda wanted out now. I needed out of this building while I wasn’t under lock and key. They had tried to kill me. I hadn’t forgotten the little talk I had.

Dev pulled Dee out of the way by her arm. “He means now.”

Sage pulled a bag from the closet, “A change of clothes.”

I tried to get up. I really did but my body refused to work. Dee helped me dress while the other two went out to get the boys from class at my request. I had things to do… I had to get something off my chest.

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