Ghosts and Maras

Dev’s hand was warm in mine. His fingers twined around mine and he felt safe as he reached past the veil of this world into the next and stepped through. My mind swirled with colors and notions and I wasn’t sure what was happening. I felt nausous. My stomach recoiling much like it does when Ant steps through the shadows.

There was a cool hand at the small of my back, but Dev was holding my hand, it was still warm. I turned to see a woman in a long maroon dress with a eighteen hundreds bustle look – petticoats and all. Her blonde hair was in ringlets and her make up was subtle. She smiled at me and her hand passed through my cheek leaving a cool tingle behind. “You must be Amelia.”

She smiled with a nod. Dev looked at me and frowned. “This is a ghost?”

Her smile spoke volumes I heard a faint whisper on the wind. “She says yes. It’s the closest she can come to letting me see her.” Her hand passed through ours and the whisper spoke again. “She says holding hands isn’t necessary.”

Dev’s fingers squeezed tighter and so did mine. I smiled at the ghost of Amelia. “It is for us. It’s comfort.”

She smiled and nodded.

I looked around and there was lots of bubbles floating around. Dev was looking around and pulled me close. His body pressed against mine as he wrapped a hand around my waist. It wasn’t about anything other than comfort. His body was tense and I could smell the fear wafting from him. It was all I smelled it covered everything. Dev whispered, “Why is it so cold?”

Amelia whispered on the wind, “He is here.”

Dev looked at the ghost and frowned. “Who is here?”

Amelia pointed at a black bubble. “He is.”

Dev reached out for the bubble and we were standing next to it. Neither us or the bubble moved it just was. Amelia floated just above the bubble and looked afraid. “Away.” She said on the wind. “Before it comes.”

Darkness shrouded us, like a cloud passing in front of the sun. But more like an eclipse, complete and total darkness. Amelia screamed and then it cut off abruptly. I saw the red glow of familiar eyes, yet I new they weren’t the same. The white tooth grin from the creature dripped with green ooze and it looked at me like I was it’s next meal. “Mine.” It said with a growl.

I looked inside the dark bubble and saw a boy screaming, his body flayed all but his face. He was ashen white from the pain, but his face was perfect – untouched from the fear. I recognized him. I’d seen him before in my dreams. I’d seen him before – the boy in the ward – the one down the hall.

I turned to Dev and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Tell Dorian and Sage to search for Levi. He’s in here with me. And Amelia too.” Dev nodded and I continued. “Wake up lover. Put me back in my dream and wake up. Don’t stay here. You need to be safe.”

Dev frowned but it wasn’t but a moment when I was back in my room in the ward and Devin was gone with a smile and a wave and press of his lips to mine. I opened my eyes and I felt my heart in my throat, my palms were sweaty. I didn’t know what time it was, but there was no way I was going back to sleep now.

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Quieter (7/17/2017)
Up All Night (7/17/2017)
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Nightmare (7/24/2017)
Next Morning (7/25/2017)
My Son (7/25/2017)
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Rooftops (7/27/2017)
Dreams (7/28/2017)
Waking Up (7/28/2017)
Dr. Eriksen (7/29/2017)
Empty Room (7/29/2017)
Moving Rooms (7/30/2017)
My New Home (7/30/2017)
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Phone Calls (8/1/2017)
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Ghosts and Maras (8/2/2017)
Breakfast (8/3/2017)
Trades (8/3/2017)
Computer Time (8/4/2017)
No Such Luck (8/5/2017)
Scars (8/6/2017)
Mr. Sétanta (8/6/2017)
Screams (8/7/2017)
The Dream Tree (8/7/2017)
Crisis (8/8/2017)
Visitors (8/8/2017)
A Long Talk (8/9/2017)
Hallway Banter (8/9/2017)
Forging Bonds (8/10/2017)
Levi’s Not Here (8/10/2017)
Push and Pull (8/11/2017)
Lone Tree (8/11/2017)
Werewolf Attack (8/12/2017)
Truth and Lies (8/13/2017)
Calming my temper (8/14/2017)
The Darkness (8/14/2017)
It’s My Dream (8/15/2017)
Not Again (8/16/2017)
What Did I Miss (8/16/2017)
Exile (8/17/2017)

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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