Werewolf Attack

My eyes opened slowly as my head pounded from the alarms going off. The doors were locked and all I heard was the screaching of the siren. My head hurt. I missed Sage and Dev and now I was in the middle of a situation I didn’t find tenable. I didn’t want to be locked up while… I listened to the siren going off, all sirens in the building told us what was happening if you understood the sirens.

I was in the middle of a werewolf attack. And it was here where I was and I was fucking locked up instead of where I could do the most good – out there stopping it. I knew it was Jo. I knew I could calm her. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew. I helped Dom and Adrian before hunt down a loose pup who had problems changing. I knew I could do it if I could only get to her. But I couldn’t.

I stood by the door trying to see out the tiny window in its metal structure. I could melt the door, or blow it down but that was distructive. I pressed the intercom and the response was almost immediate. “You need to stay in your room where it’s safe.”

I pressed the button again. “I’m a fucking hunter, unless you have hunters outside this room right now, let me out. I can help and I can prevent anymore damage and anyone else from getting hurt.”

I couldn’t tell what was going on, on the other side of the intercom I heard nothing. No static, just nothing. My room was devoid of all sound save my breathing. I pressed the button again. “If you don’t unlock my door I will melt the hinges and fry the electronics and then you’ll have to fix it.”

There was a short blip on the intercom and then nothing. Moments later the door buzzed open and I turned the handle to let myself out.

I opened my self to the world around me. I touched my pack connection. I was finding it easier than I had weeks before and months before that. Hell I hadn’t beleived I was back until I met Sage. Now? Now I relied on it.

I followed the pull to ‘kin’. She wasn’t my kin. We were nothing alike but she was mine. And I was hers. I knew that. I felt that.

Down the hall I found a very large hulking shadow cornering Sam the orderly. I reached out with pack magic as I approached her. “Jo. Stop. Sam is a good man.”

The glowing amber eyes turned in my direction and I let all my power flow out. She cowed before me and I looked at Sam. “You can go now, Sam. Just go slow.” The man nodded his head and moved slowly along the wall away from the large wolf who had him cornered.

I kept her attention with the outflux of power. Her eyes were lowered, and her body bowed as she kept her guard up. She was lower than me, but she was wary. I didn’t blame her. Some alphas were mean when you misbehaved. Some would kill you. But none here in New York.

I kept my pace slow and I knew that a crowd was forming behind me. I threw a wall of air behind me and off to the sides cooridors so I was essentially trapped in a corner with a first time werewolf who hadn’t had the proper guidance. Nothing about Jo spoke werewolf. I wondered how she’d fallen through the cracks – been allowed to be corraled here in the Infirmary of the Venatori. Wolves didn’t do this, and especially not New York wolves. I wondered where she was from.

But I couldn’t ask now. And I had more pressing matters to attend to as I finally was with in touching distance of Jo’s werewolf form. I slowly reached out and her head lowered away from me until she was lying flat on the ground. The power cowing her even further. I touched her soft gray fur and she froze beneath my fingers. I sent the pack magic through her and willed her to change.

Her form shifted. It looked painful and I heard gasps from behind the air walls. No one had actually seen a wolf shift before. No one cared to understand. This wasn’t my first and it wasn’t likely my last. Not with a wolf born boy living in my home – Sage’s home. We needed to start his education. I would need to speak with Adrian and Dom about that. I may be his alpha but I was no wolf.

Jo’s body collapsed against the cold tiles and I dropped the walls of air and the nurses came rushing down. “I think it’s best if I stay with her tonight.”

One of the nurses nodded but the others protested how it was not safe. Sam said from behind them. “I don’t think you need to worry about him.” He came up to me and offered me his hand. “Thank you, Nox. I’m grateful you were here.”

I smiled. “No problem.”

I carried Jo to my room and laid her on my bed and Sam brought her a change of clothes for later. For now we’d leave her naked under a blanket just in case she shifted again. And for now we waited for daylight. And I wasn’t going to get anymore sleep.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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