He Doesn’t Listen

The demon was getting angrier. He was stalking back to me when I felt the presence. Fuck! It wasn’t nearby, but I felt Dev. I could smell his familiar scent on the wind. There was tickle against my skin. Like a ghost passed over me. A hand grasping me. I closed my hand around it, it grasped nothing but it felt good.

A ghost touch against my cheek. The demon stalked me but it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. Like time stopped. Maybe it had. No it wasn’t that, it was like it was wading through water, or stuck in a swamp. He was moving – just slow.

I took a step back but I moved fine.

A felt a drop on my cheek. I wiped it off and looked up but there were no rain clouds above me. The stars shown brightly in the sun light sky of my dreamscape. It was such a bizarre thing.

In the distance there was a loud sound – a thunder clap?

The fury on the demon’s face grew stronger, as it waded through my dream. I wondered what was happening. A flame flickered above his hand, in one moment it was empty and then it was just there.

I tried the same thing but my gift was unreachable. Fuck! The demon was hijacking me. I felt the tree burning beyond me it again. It was blazing like bonfire but yet it wasn’t turning to ash. I stared at it beyond the demon… I felt it burning my skin yet I was intact. There was no denying what I felt. I knew what it felt like I’d felt the burn of death on my skin before but nothing burned.

Another loud thunderclap. Closer this time. The demon turned and looked in the direction it had come and it turned towards it in the muck and threw the fireball in it’s hand. I stepped in front of the ball of fire without thinking. Whatever it was trying to do I wasn’t about to let it do it. Not since the breeze in my dreamscape brought orange and lavender and roses on it’s whispereing tendrils. My love was coming. Dev was coming. Dee was coming….

The demon laughed and brought the tentacles above him, fire and air, earth and water all stood behind him and I thought about Dev. I let him in. I pulled him towards me. I didn’t want to face this alone. Face the terror alone.

Holding my hand, Sage squeezed my fingers. Dev was pressing his fingers to my check and Dee was holding my ohter hand. Their eyes were distinct in the light of my dreamscape and I flicked to the tree and smiled. Dev grinned at me and pressed a kiss to my lips and then turned towards the demon, but it was Dee who spoke. “You can’t hurt us anymore.”

“So brave little one. Come to me.” He beckoned a finger and she took a step closer but I held her hand and I pulled her back.
“He doesn’t own you.”

Dee turned to me, there was fear in her eyes.

“Oh you don’t know what I do for her do you. None of you do.” Morpheus laughed. “Such ignorant fools.”

Dee screamed and fell to the ground losing her grip on my hand a she clutched at her head. “No. No more. I’ll listen.” I knelt down beside her and touched her cheek. She looked up at me and I could see the pain. She flinched away from my fingers after a moment. “Don’t touch me.”

I reached out towards her not with my hand but my power. But the demon had it all and it laughed. “Don’t let her go to him.”

Dev was down at her side and holding her tightly against him. Sage was there too. The flickered in and out. “Go.” I said. “I’ll be okay. Take care of Dee.”

They both looked up at me and I saw the hesitation in their eyes. “Please.” I begged.

Sage looked to Dev and Dev was watching me. I felt more than heard Dev say, “Remember it’s your dream.” And the three of them blinked from existance.

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