“Dee and I are flexible.” Dev said, his words reverberated down my body and he hadn’t even touched other than press of his leg against mine. I closed my eyes and savored the feel of his leg against mine. Dee’s hand crept higher until it was barely touching my groin through the blue jeans.

Sage cleared his throat and my eyes opened and looked across at him, his blue eyes were dark with lust and he was enjoying the show. This was precisely what he wanted. Sage spoke quietly, “We are couples, that doesn’t change, I want to watch you two having sex with Nox.”

“Always at the same time?” Dee asked.

“Whatever you want.” Sage breathed out as Dee ran her hand over jeans covered cock and I shuddered.

Dev chuckled, “Dee stop teasing him.”

“It’s alright.” I smiled at him as I thought I’d like you to be doing more.

Dev smirked at me. I don’t know what he was thinking but I was pretty sure he had heard the thought. It was interesting having a telepath around. The secrets could remain secret.

Sage’s voice sounded broken across the distance, “We could go up stairs the boys won’t bother us.”

Dev stood up and took Dee’s hand from my crotch and pulled her to her feet. “No, I think we all need a little time part before we get into this. Take care of you boy Sage. I think you’ve been neglecting him.”

Both of them stood over me and I wanted to move but I couldn’t. I could barly stammer out “He’s not. I promise.” I was staring at his midsection and wanted to mouth his cock through his jeans. But I looked up and Dev watching me. His fingers ran across my temple and I heard a new thought maybe later pretty boy. A shiver ran up my spine at his touch and his words and I could only nod.

Dee and Dev walked towards the door and I finally made my body move by the time Sage was kissing them both goodnight. Dee grinned at me, “And where is ours?”

I sighed and moved to kiss her first. Where Sage had kissed them with neat press of his lips to theirs, Dee pulled me down and and slid her tongue into my mouth. I pulled away breathless and surprised. She laughed, “You taste like Dev.”

Devin snickered and grabbed my t-shirt then pulled me close. He was my height and I stared perfectly into those baby blues. My heart beat faster, my pulse raced. Why was he manipulating me so easily?

He pressed his lips to mine. It was a simple kiss but my knees felt weak and I could have easily fallen under his spell. Do you want me to stop? he thought at me though the touch. Dev let my shirt go and we parted with my heart in my throat.

I whispered, “No.” And Dev smirked.

“We’ll see you later. Sage we’ll make a date we can all get together for some fun.” Dee said as they walked down the front steps out into the street. They were arm in arm walking together like any typical couple. But I knew they weren’t typical – anymore than Sage and I were typical.

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