Dr. Eriksen

I waited for whoever was going to discharge me. I wasn’t going to sit here forever but when I tried to move my entire body ached. Dee stopped me and I sighed when I laid back down. “I guess I missed our date.”

Dee laughed. “We all missed our date.”

I frowned. “Sage and Dev didn’t go see a movie?”

She shook her head, “You were in a coma.”

“That doesn’t mean you should stop living cause I was dying.”

Dee took my hand in hers and sat down on the edge of the hospital bed. “We didn’t stop living. Dev and Sage came here and watched a movie they had already seen to watch it with you.”

A woman in white walked into the room, “It was all very sweet. Seeing the three of them huddled around a laptop with you in the middle. I think the nurses that day had to throw out your friends well after visiting hours were over.” She smiled at Dee and I clutched at her hand when she tried to leave. The woman’s blue eyes were like ice. I didn’t want to be left alone with her. The patterns around her swirled and shifted and she had no control of them like most Venatori. I couldn’t look at her and had to turn my head.

Dee patted my hand and stood up but she didn’t leave. The doctor spoke again. “I’m Dr. Eriksen. I’ve been monitoring you and your miraculous recovery. We are very glad to have you awake.”

“It’s good to be awake and not dead.”

She let out a forced laugh. “Keep that sense of humor Mr. Sétanta.”

“Nox.” I instructed and looked at her. “So tell me doc, can I go home?”

“Sadly, Nox, no that’s not possible yet. Your muscles are showing signs of atrophy for two weeks of disuses, we want to monitor that. You jumped from a building and we fear that you might be suffering again from depression and would like you to admit yourself into a facility suicide watch program for the next few months.”

“I didn’t try to kill myself. I was saving Garrett.” I was astounded. “It’s not like it’s the first time I jumped from the building.”

Dee gasped. She didn’t know about me or my ability. Dev hadn’t told her?

Dr Eriksen looked at me with exasperation. “Nox. The only other time on medical record that you’ve done these things is when you admitted to trying to kill yourself.”

“I was fucking 13 the last time I tried to kill myself. It’s been ten years.”

“Mr. Sétanta, please. It is in your own best interest to recover appropriately and we’ll watch you for any more signs of suicide. We do not want a field hunter becoming metus.”

Dee put her hand on my shoulder. “What can it hurt Nox. Maybe a break will be good for you?”

“A break? You mean it’s good for me to admit to trying to kill myself. To put my self in a facility where they will keep sharp objects from me. A place where even a pencil is dangerous. Why do you want me to go into that hell?” I looked up at Dee.

She was frowning. “You jumped from a building Nox. We don’t want you to hurt yourself again.”

“You think I tried to kill myself?”

“I don’t know, Nox. You jumped from a building.”

I looked at Dr. Eriksen as I pulled my hand from Dee’s. “Fine. I will willingly submit to suicide watch in the Infimary’s phsyce ward.”

Dee gasped and she tried to take my hand again but I wouldn’t let her. Dr Eriksen nodded, “Madison will be along shortly to take you there. She’s been assisting in your care while here just in case you woke up.”

The good doctor left leaving me alone with Dee.

“Nox, don’t be mad at me.” Dee pleaded.

“You don’t even know me and you believe them over what I’m saying. Why shouldn’t I be mad at you?”


“Don’t. Okay. I’m going into the pschye ward because you think I’m trying to kill myself.” I looked at her and her green and brown eyes and saw golden flecks floating in the iris. Fuck! I thought to myself as I recalled fleeting images from my dream. “I’ve jumped from the top of the AU building since I was 10 years old. I broke my arm doing it once because I landed wrong, and once I did it to kill myself. But I didn’t, the moment I jumped I used my ability to slow and land, I however busted my collar bone because I hadn’t been fully prepared. It was habit to spread wings of air, soften the dirt. I wasn’t going to die, my own brain wouldn’t even allow me that curtousey. Garrett Spence was posseessed by a demon. The demon took Garrett over the edge and left his body, condemning his pawn to death if I didn’t save him. I still didn’t save him but I tried.”

“You died Nox. All the emergency people were thinking it Dev said. Everyone who say you that day had thought you were dead, and then all of a sudden you were breathing. Your heart was beating. No one was even sure you would wake up again. But your body continued to heal rapidly. The took you into surgery and you came out with no scars whatsoever. The nurses are baffled. If this were a human hospital they’d be freaking out.”

“It’s not a human hospital.” I said and rolled over and winced in pain. Dee sat down in the chair behind me, the chair scuffed as she shifted it. We’d wait in awkward silence until Madison returned to take me away to the fucking pschye ward.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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