It’s My Dream

Morpheus laughed. “Even your friends abandon you.”

I smiled at the demon with red eyes. His pale skin made paler from the light his eyes made. “They aren’t my friends.”

“Even you admit you are worthless. Come to me, Nox. Be mine. I’ll give you everything you want.” The power of persuasion was thrown at me. I could feel the magic trying to take hold. I didn’t have my normal defenses available, all my power routed through the demon.

“I have everything I need.”

“Who said anything about need. I said everything you want. We can take whatever it is you want. You want to free the Venatori of their chains of tradition. I can give it to you. With me at the helm we can take the Venatori. I’l even let your reshape the vermin to whatever way you desire. My gift to you.” He held out his hand. “Join me.”

“I don’t care about the Venatori. Not enough to take it from them. You need to do better than that.”

Morpheus whiped all of the tentiacles behind him in my direction and I watched as they fell against my skin. I bit back the pain but their razor sharp edges did nothing to my skin. That’s when Dev’s words rang true. This was my dream. I was in control. I was afraid this was like my other dreams. The demon had power over me. But this was my dream. Not Garrett’s, not Dev’s – mine. In my head. My world!

I smiled at him and I held out my hand and I felt my power flow through my fingers. Just remembering that simple fact and rendered the demon’s control moot.

Morpheus screamed, “Nooo!” The world turned dark and I willed it light again.

Fire erupted everywhere and I quelched it with a thought. “This is my world, Morpheus.”

I remembered what I’d done to the mara in the basement of Sage’s house for attacking my boys. Morpheus cackled, “Thank you for reminding me.” And tens of thousands of little black oozing creatures stood behind him. An army of nightmares. I closed my eyes and thought about all the little suffocating bubbles, tens of thousands of little bubbles and they screamed. I covered my ears from the sounds they made as they died. Morpheus screamed incoherent words as they died around him. Little floating orbs of black and red ooze.

“You will not defeat me.” He ran towards me and the moment he touched me I felt that charge of electricity and I felt everything the demon did. I could feel it’s connection to everyone near me. How it had manipuluated dreams for thousands of millenia. I knew it’s secrets. I could feel it’s power. I could take it’s power. I could have everything if I wanted to.

I heard a small voice in my head, “Come back to me Daddy. I’m scared.” And that was all I needed to forgt the darkness. My hand found the demon’s throat and I squeezed. Like I had done when it had been in Dae’lin’s body. This time I wasn’t afraid of killing it. I squeezed tighter, willing the world to suck the air from the lungs of the creature before me. I didn’t use my ability here. It worked in the outside world, but not here. It was just illusion.

The demon kicked me and we tumbled to the ground but I didn’t let lose my grip on it’s throat. It tried to get the advantage. We tussled on the ground until I had a grip on it’s neck so tight I heard a snap and it fell lip. I heard a scream in the outside world but I couldn’t leave yet. I had to make sure it was dead. Dead and not just in hell. The dream world manifested mundane tools – saw and shovel. And I got to work.

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The Orange Door (7/1/2017)
Meeting Sam (7/1/2017)
Meeting Emma (7/2/2017)
Protection (7/3/2017)
Sam’s Mom (7/3/2017)
Calling Dad (7/4/2017)
I Need a Break (7/5/2017)
Lost In Thought (7/5/2017)
Company (7/6/2017)
Reflection (7/6/2017)
Coffee Shop Talk (7/7/2017)
Nerves (7/7/2017)
Dinner Date (7/8/2017)
Interruptions (7/8/2017)
Let’s Eat (7/9/2017)
What Now (7/9/2017)
Negotiations (7/10/2017)
Do You Like Them? (7/10/2017)
Finally (7/11/2017)
Interference (7/11/2017)
Jeffery (7/12/2017)
Marvin (7/12/2017)
The Missing Boy (7/13/2017)
Running into Dev (7/13/2017)
Takeout (7/14/2017)
My Wolf Boy (7/14/2017)
Apologies (7/15/2017)
Furious Demon (7/15/2017)
Dream Walker (7/16/2017)
Shields (7/16/2017)
Quieter (7/17/2017)
Up All Night (7/17/2017)
Breakfast (7/18/2017)
Caught Kissing (7/18/2017)
Walk to School (7/19/2017)
My Dad’s Job (7/19/2017)
Broken Bits (7/20/2017)
Vampire Calls (7/20/2017)
Lunch with Dev (7/21/2017)
My Studio (7/22/2017)
Fouresome (7/22/2017)
Long Run (7/23/2017)
All of Us Together (7/23/2017)
Broken Shields (7/24/2017)
Nightmare (7/24/2017)
Next Morning (7/25/2017)
My Son (7/25/2017)
I Love You (7/26/2017)
Train Ride (7/26/2017)
Rooftops (7/27/2017)
Dreams (7/28/2017)
Waking Up (7/28/2017)
Dr. Eriksen (7/29/2017)
Empty Room (7/29/2017)
Moving Rooms (7/30/2017)
My New Home (7/30/2017)
Who’s That (7/31/2017)
Meeting the Group (7/31/2017)
Phone Calls (8/1/2017)
Dinner Time (8/1/2017)
Rehabilitation (8/2/2017)
Dreams of Dev (8/2/2017)
Ghosts and Maras (8/2/2017)
Breakfast (8/3/2017)
Trades (8/3/2017)
Computer Time (8/4/2017)
No Such Luck (8/5/2017)
Scars (8/6/2017)
Mr. Sétanta (8/6/2017)
Screams (8/7/2017)
The Dream Tree (8/7/2017)
Crisis (8/8/2017)
Visitors (8/8/2017)
A Long Talk (8/9/2017)
Hallway Banter (8/9/2017)
Forging Bonds (8/10/2017)
Levi’s Not Here (8/10/2017)
Push and Pull (8/11/2017)
Lone Tree (8/11/2017)
Werewolf Attack (8/12/2017)
Truth and Lies (8/13/2017)
Calming my temper (8/14/2017)
The Darkness (8/14/2017)
It’s My Dream (8/15/2017)
Not Again (8/16/2017)
What Did I Miss (8/16/2017)
Exile (8/17/2017)