Who’s That

A thin slip of a girl came into my room while I was looking around. Her smile was perfect, her hair a perfect halo of gold around her head. She had dimples but her eyes were dull blue with not shine or spark. I hoped it was tired and not the norm. “My name is Sara I’ll be one of the nurses assiting in your care.”

“Nox.” I introduced myself despite the fact she knew who I was and probably more about me than I cared for. But such was the name of being under suicide watch.

She asked me as she stood beside me, “Do you want to try to walk on your own?”

I nodded. “Yeah.” I did my best to stand up and I was caught by the little slip of a girl when my knees gave way. “Don’t I feel like an idiot. Can’t even walk.”

Sara smiled, “That’s what happens when you’ve been lying in bed for two weeks.”

“I guess. I take it there will be PT?”

“Yes. And Madison said that knowing you, you’ll be up and about in no time.” She glanced at the yoga mat rolled up in the corner. She pointed to a rod bolted to the wall. “That should hold you. We have them in all the rooms now.”

“Isn’t that a little counter productive, I mean I could use my sheets and hang myself now.”

She paled at the suggestion. “You are on suicide watch?”

I nodded. “It’s the only reason why I’m here.”

“You don’t look like a guy who wants to kill himself.”

“I’m not but that doesn’t stop the doctors from thinking that.” Or my girlfriend for that matter I sighed.

Sara helped me waddle along the hall, my hand in hers as she held my waist and my other hand skimmed along the wall. We past a room with a boy who was screaming. I could see the patterns swirling around him like a chaotice storm. I stopped and Sara jerked my waist with the suddenness of it.

“What’s that?”

She sighed, “Don’t worry about Levi. They are just giving him his meds, he’ll calm down soon enough.”

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked as Sara tugged me towards the common area.

“He’s a little bit crazy. And very dangerous. We don’t have many Magnus here to work with him, but he can get out of control.”

“I noticed.”

She looked up at me with a frown, “You aren’t going to go all crazy on us are you. I don’t think our Magnus could handle you.”

I shook my head, “No more crazy than I already am I’m afraid.”

She grinned at me and then pointed down the hall. “The dinning room is down this way. You’ll get used to the schedule in now time.”

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