There was pain, I could feel it. But I didn’t care. The world around me swam with colors. It was like the place I’d been with Dev. Except the ground was recently tilled soil done up in neat little rows. The trees at the edge of my sight were colorful, beautiful autumn colors, but it was warmer than expected on a cool fall day. The sun was bright. In the middle was a large tree barren of all leaves. I’d seen it before. It shifted and changed as I moved towards it. The branches phased and changed like I was flipping a page in a book. It was an old gnarled oak tree, the branches got thinner as it reached towards the sky but each limb was strong. The roots were a mound of strength.

There were three knots in the tree arranged in a triangle just before the branches upwards. I stepped onto the stone statue of a dragon at the base of the tree and ran my fingers over the gnarled knots. The opened and three eyes stared back at me and I fell backwards landing in small pond. Two fish swam around me, nipping, kissing at my fingers as I righted myself. The eyes blinked at me, each a different color. The first dark deep blue so dark and so blue I thought I would drown in the depths of the sea. The one at the apex was green and brown with beautiful flecks of gold scatterd in their brilliance. The last was blue like ice, but so much warmer than it.

They eyes followed my movements as I stood up. The sun was warm and as it fell towards the ground to set into dusk it perched itself upon a branch and held itself there. Forever on the branch caught in the branches to never set upon the world. But it didn’t struggle, it looked like it wanted to be there.

The moon rose from the never setting sun and the sky grew dark and the stars shown in the distance, the moon got caught in the branches. Together sun and moon kissed and a baby sprang forth born of both the light and the darkness. Above the baby hung a mobile made of bats that tried to get away but instead flew in circles entertaining the new child.

A wolf howled atop a stone outcropping nearby. The sound reverberated through my body. I could feel a pack nearby. Their songs echoed back in the distance. At the base of the tree the dragon statue sat atop a copper ring. I bent down and ran my fingers over the shiny metal and felt my power push flee in fear. I placed my other hand on the ring and felt the connection to the tree, to the earth, to every thing around me.

There was a peircing cry and I looked the other side of the tree to see a basket covered in red and white gingham. A child was wrapped nestled in the basket, cold and shivering and when I lifted her from the basket the world fell away.

There was nothing in my arms. Nothing around me but the void of dreams. I stood in a circle. No I floated in a sphere – the sphere Dev had shown me. But there were strings attached to me. Some were bright and others dim. Some were thick and old, and others were tiny but strong.

One was a vine stretching miles away. I couldn’t see anything it connected to but when I touched it I could smell the forest around me. I could feel the wolves. I felt the full moon rise and fall and I felt their bodies shift and change through the phases of the moon.

The thin red line looked nothing more line a peice of fishing wire except it was blood red and so thin I could almost see through it. But no matter how hard you pulled on it the string never lost it’s shape. It didn’t stretch or bend. It was constant.

I found a thread of fire. It was warm to the touch but not hot when I placed my hand on it I felt my little dragon holding on to his snoppy. There were beeping sounds around him and I felt him shiver. I let go startled from the experience.

So many connections. The strongest ones were the ones I knew. I could feel Sage’s energy pulsing through one before I even touched it. I could smell the scent of lavender and jasmine as I let go. Dev light and airy, and I could hear soft sounds of music playing as I touched his chord. It was a guitar string ironically.

I understood I was seeing connections. How Nick saw the world. These were mine. Each one someone I had tied myself to. Dee was there too but I felt nothing when I found hers. I knew it was her, the pink glow was unique to her. So strong, but so silent.

My father was there, and Dorian too. Jace and Adrian. And so many other tiny connections I’d made tied to myself. Strong and weak and some nearly broken. I touched one of ash and it crumbled to the ground. There was a howl of pain – my pain as I opened my eyes.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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