Sam’s Mom

Sam’s head was on my shoulder, Emma was just staring in behind us. She was trembling with fear, I could feel her fear. I muttered again, “He won’t hurt you again. And if he does I will take care of it.”

Emma put her head on my shoulder and relaxed a little bit but we had made it to Sam’s mother’s place. I didn’t know if either would be home, but Sam seemed to think they would be. I let him down when he squirmed and he produced a key and unlocked the door knocking before he did then turned the know and opened it.

A slight woman looked up from the couch she smiled at Sam and then frowned at me. She got up and rushed over to us. “Oh my god what happened?” She was taking Emma from me but Emma clung tighter.

I held Emma to me. “I don’t think she will go with anyone but her parents right now. They’ve been through a lot this past year. And I think it’s all over. Can you call her parents? And Dylan? I need to talk to all of you.”

She looked up and me and glared. “And who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am, can you please call them? It’s important.” I asked again with a little more impatience.

She stepped away and made the call. I heard her side of the conversation. “Dylan, someone is here with Sam and Emma. He wants to talk to their parents. No, I don’t know him. Yes, tall, orange hair and nails and thick eyeliner, why? Should I be worried?” The worry had started to increase in her voice I could only imagine what Dylan was saying on the other side of it, I could have tried to listen but it wasn’t important.

She called Emma’s parents and they said they’d be right over. Emma clung to my neck but his mother finally took a look at Sam and she gasp and knelt down in front of him and took his face in her hands. “Oh baby, did he hurt you?”

Sam nodded his head and that was all he could do before she was standing up and she was shoving me across the room. “You don’t have any right to hurt my kids.”

I smirked a little and she slapped my face. Sam took my hand and wrapped himself around my leg and yelled, “Not him!”

I smiled to disarm her and she glared at me. “I will explain it all when everyone is here.”

The door rushed opened and the door knob slammed into my back making me wince in pain and Dylan stopped short but he was inside the apartment soon followed by who I assumed were Emma’s parents. I didn’t know them.

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