Tracking Down the Dragon – Alone Time

Trix and Sage worked on the task at hand until pizza arrived when they both took a break to eat. They two hackers chatted back and forth and I listened. I felt very much like an outsider and a jailor. I wasn’t part of their world and I didn’t understand. But I wasn’t going to leave Sage alone with someone who could potentially harm him.

I wasn’t bored. I had plenty to entertain me while they worked. I tried to follow Sage’s screen but I still got lost in things. He’d look over at me and explain what they were doing like he was teaching some other hacker. I wasn’t always sure he was talking to me but most of the time he was. I could tell by the tone of his voice – soft and caring and trying to help me understand.

It was the thought that counted. I didn’t understand and really my simple minded brain wasn’t connecting on the totality of it all. But I understood the repetitive patterns of their tasks. I enjoyed watching Sage. The way his hands moved across his keyboard. The way he scrunched his nose when he was thinking hard and trying to focus on something.

He would catch me staring at him and blush slightly before going back to work. But he never said anything. But even that got boring after a while. I started playing with patterns juggling balls of air and fire to kill time. Watching them mingle and dissipate as I let them fizzle out.

I found Sage and Trix watching me as the last ball popped out over my head. Trix laughed, “He’s a clown.”

Sage chuckled. “We have a place.”

“Why didn’t you say something?” I asked.

Trix laughed. “We were going to until you started playing games, and it looked like you were having so much fun we didn’t want to distract you.”

Sage smiled as I looked at him for comfirmation. “You were just too cute oblivious to everything else.”

I preened under the admission and grinned at him. “Of course I was. That’s no excuse. Well?”

Trix said. “He’s got a lot of business all around. He’s currently at the Empire State Building office.” She popped an M&M into her mouth and smiled. “Am I done now?”

I smiled at her. “For now. Play nice and I’ll be back in a moment.”

I looked at Sage. “You feel safe?”

Sage nodded. “She won’t hurt me. Besides there are like ten Venatori standing around watching us at all times.”

I frowned. “Sorry. Trix, I promise a deal. No death sentence. Even if I have to make you leave the country.”

Trix frowned but nodded. I smiled. “I do thank you. Let me do my thing and I’ll be back.”

They both nodded and started typing away at their computers again. I think they were talking about me but whatever. I left them both in an unprotected room and hoped that no one would hurt either of them while I wasn’t watching them. I stepped into Dae’lin’s office and smiled. “They got a location. We need to stop him before he finds out Trix turned on him.”

Dae’lin nodded and was on the phone. I spoke while she dialed. “I’m going to go see Walker. Keep an eye on the dynamic duo please.”

Dae’lin nodded and started her conversation on the other side of the phone. I headed up to the Infirmary, but I stopped wondering if Sage wanted to come with me. I turned back and found that there was another hunter in the room with the two hackers.

I opened the door and the conversation stopped. The man looked at me and raised his hands in self defense. “I’m just a techy. Hoping they can help me.”

“Trix you want to help him?” I asked.

“Isn’t that why I’m here? To make myself useful.”

I smiled. “Add it to good behavior. Truth, you want to come with me to check on Walker?”

Sage stood up immediately. “Yes. I need to stretch my legs.”

I nodded to the tech guy. “There are others watching if you feel threatened, but I think Trix here understands the deal.”

He nodded and sat down next to her and they resumed their conversation. I held the door for Sage and he stepped out of the fishbowl into the hallway, taking my hand as he passed by.

I grinned over at him as we walked. “You like touching me don’t you?” I asked him.

He smiled. “Yes, but it’s more for you than me”

“Me?” I asked curious.

“Yeah. You’ve been eying me all afternoon and keeping your hands to yourself. I figured I’d reward your accomplishment.”

I grinned at him. “I can handle that.”

I lead Sage to the stair well and we went up one flight before I stopped on the landing between floors and pushed Sage up against the wall. He grinned at me. “I was wondering how long it would take you before you did that.” He laughed.

Sage leaned forward and kissed me. He turned me around and I was pressed up against the wall my hands above my head. His face was close to mine when he pulled away. “I think I like this view better.” Sage said. “Stay this way for me.” He trailed his fingers down my arms and I shuddered. His hands payed with the hem of my shirt before he slipped his hands under my shirt. My hands flexed above my head as I wanted to touch him but I obeyed. Sage’s fingers caressed the sides of my body and and abs. He licked my lips and grinned. “So pliant. God I’d love to do so much more right now.”

My response came out in a hushed breathless whisper, “Why don’t you?”
Sage laughed against my next. “Because we are in a stairwell. And you have a job to do.” Sage pulled away from me leaving my body cold and wanting. I stayed where he’d put me and Sage grinned. “So hot.” He licked his lips. “So obedient too. I think I like that more than I thought.” Sage held out his hand. “Come on, let’s go.”

I sighed but I complied and took his hand. Shaking the blood back down into my arms. “Does that bother you?”

I shook my head. “No. It’s all part of the fun.”

“You like when I take charge?” Sage asked.

I smiled reassuringly. “You know I do. If it bothers you don’t do it, Sage. I’m happy either way.”

Sage stopped me and pushed me against the side of the stair well, the railing pressing awkwardly into my back. He grinned. “I don’t mind. I like what it does to you.”

I bit my bottom lip. “What does it do to me, Sage?”

Sage laughed as he took a step back. I remained with my back against the wall awkwardly and watched as Sage looked me up and down. The look on his face told me he enjoyed my reaction very much. My pants were getting tighter with each passing glance. “Mmmmm.” Sage shook his head bringing his eyes to rest on mine. “What I’d love to do to you. But…” Sage sighed. “Let’s go see Walker.” He offered me his hand again and I took it with a smile.

I whispered softly, “My body is yours. Anything and everything you wish to do to it is yours for the taking.”

Sage laughed to cover the groan that had tried to escape. “Work.”

I grinned as I opened the door to the Infirmary floor Walker was on. Sage never dropped my hand as we walked past the nurse’s station and into Walker’s room.

The IV drip from before was gone and Walker was actually up and pulling on a button up shirt over his well defined body. Sage caught me looking and chuckled to himself. He spoke first, “Glad to see you are up and about, Walker. From the sounds of it you shouldn’t be.”

Walker laughed. “I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for your boy’s quick thinking. Nox, really saved my bacon.”

Sage grinned, “And a nice piece of bacon it is.”

Walker turned around with red creeping up his face. I wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or anger, or maybe a little of both. But he saw the look on Sage’s face and burst out laughing. “I take it your boy toy was looking too hard at my nakedness.”

Sage grinned. “At least you were mostly dressed.”

I rolled my eyes. “I can’t help noticing.”

Walker laughed, “That’s the kinda things that gets you into trouble, Nox.” Walker walked out of his hospital room and there were about three nurses who got up out of their chairs where they were working and rushed after him. “Mr. Moore you can’t leave.” one nurse said as she rushed after him.

I followed Walker and the nurses, Sage was still holding my hand as we walked behind them. “I think he has other ideas.”

We walked into the stair well and the nurses followed. Walker walked all the way to Dae’lin’s office before the nurses turned back in defeat. Walker turned to us, “So what’s on deck?”

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  1. “You were just too cute oblivious to everything else.”
    “I preened under the admission and grinned at him. “Of course I was. That’s no excuse.” :D Love that!

    “Why don’t you?”
    Sage laughed against my next. “Because we are in a stairwell.” Very reasonable answer. :)

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