Viva la Revolution – Caught

Walking around Hell’s Kitchen was a bit nostalgic for me. It was Adrian’s territory and I used to walk around the neighborhood before and after sessions when I was avoiding my other lessons. I’d grown a lot since I first roamed.

You could tell where the roan wolves holed up in Adrian’s pack. The area vibrated with power. Human magic didn’t vibe the same way. But there were patterns to every magic. And I let myself see everything. Everything was made of elements – science agreed with me. I could see each individual pattern.

A man walking past me was shrouded by his dragon form. Humans and other Venatori couldn’t see it. But I could – it was my gift. A gift that could make you sick if you didn’t know how to control it. It was partially the reason why I still went to therapy. Seeing things was something I did on a regular basis and my gift was rare. I needed verification in my thoughts and feelings upon some images.

I felt the power of a few wolves hanging out in on their front stoop. They called out after me. “You don’t belong here Venatori.”

I smiled and I let the power of Adrian’s pack flow through me and I felt their power pulse and then die down in submission. I could safely walk through Hell’s Kitchen. Adrian’s power protected me. Though Adrian said it was my power that did it. He was only a means to a making it feel pack like. The men outside the house whispered but I didn’t bother with trying to listen. They were not worth my time.

The air was warming up under the morning sun and I wove a cooling pattern around me as I walked. There were pockets of dragon magic throughout the city, but here in Hell’s Kitchen there was more than I was expecting. Adrian ran a tight ship. Did he know of the dragons? I wished for Dorian’s photographic memory but my mapping application on my phone was going to have to do that job for me. I started mapping out the dragon pockets. It could mean trouble, it could be nothing. I had never tried to map the city this way before. Maybe I should do it.

I walked and mapped until I received a phone call. It was Sage. I was glad I changed the ring tone. “I’m sorry. I know I’m late.”

There was a rustle and then Sage spoke with a laugh, “It’s two hours later than you said you’d be back. But that’s not why I’m calling. I found your phone.”

Two hours? I frowned. But Sage continued. “I’m tracking it’s location so I’ll have it when you get here. Are you alright? I’m sorry I forgot to send in the cavalry.”

I laughed. “You were busy. I was busy. No big deal. But I’m glad I’m not the only absent minded one when working.” I turned towards Sage’s apartment. “I’ll be there in about ten. I’ll call Walker and let Ant know Jack’s debt has been paid.”

“Alright. I’ll see you soon, Nox.” Sage hung up with little ceremony and I sent Walker a text.

Tue, 06/26/2015

Meet me at Sage’s. He found our dragon.
11:21 AM

I then dialed Ant’s number.

He answered. “What’s up? You and lover boy done?”

I laughed. “Actually yeah. He found our dragon. Thank you for your services.”

“I didn’t do anything except point you at your boy. You want me to come along?” Ant asked.

“It’s best to keep the vampires out of dragon business for now. But I suspect that this is bigger than we expected. Emerson was in a vamp safe house. The Dragon was using Val as a go between. War is coming. Let’s not set Il Cane’s side just yet.”

Ant sighed. “Call me if you need me Nox. I will come at a mere thought if you open to it.”

“I know, Ant. I know. Gotta go.” I sighed as I hung up the phone. The one downside to feeding a vampire was usually you were enthralled by them. One downside to drinking their blood for healing benefits – you connected yourself to them. Ant and I had done both over time and the connection was near permanent but we both kept it closed off. Danger was one thing we both sensed from the other. Hopefully it didn’t get that far.

I was closer than I thought to Sage’s apartment, I must have been walking around in concentric circles. I knocked on the door before turning the door knob only to find Sage standing directly in front of me when the door opened. He was grinning at me with a bright smile and those gorgeous blue eyes I loved so much.

“Hi.” I said.

Sage laughed. “Hi. Is Walker coming?”

I shrugged. “I texted him. I don’t know if he was done with Dae’lin or not.”

Sage took my hand and pulled me inside closing the door behind him then backed me up with his hands on my chest against the door. I hummed at him in question before he leaned down and kissed me deeply. The kiss left my lips swollen and wet and I was breathless when he pulled away, my hands still in his as he walked backwards to his desk chair.

He sat down with barely a glance backwards, his eyes never leaving mine. He pulled me into his lap one leg on each side and my body pressed against his chest. He grinned up at me and took a handful of hair and pulled me in for a kiss. My jeans grew tighter. I could feel Sage’s arousal through our clothing and let out a soft growl.

The apartment door burst open with a red-face and I turned to see who had interrupted us. Walker was coming in skidding to a halt when he noticed what we were doing. He started to stutter before he turned and closed the door behind him.

I turned back to Sage who was a soft shade of red. He chuckled up at me as I pressed a tender kiss to his forehead. “One day we won’t get interrupted.” I stood up and straightened my self out before continuing. “I’ll go get him.”

Sage sighed but nodded his acceptance and turned to his computer to show us what he had found.

I opened the door and found Walker sitting on the steps leading down to the door. He was still a little red. I closed the door behind me, “You alright?”

Walker nodded. “I guess I should have taken my time.”

“It’s alright. If we kept at it you’d probably walked in on more than kissing.” I grinned playfully at him.

Walker covered his eyes and then his ears. “I don’t want to know.”

I laughed. Walker stood up and we went back inside. Sage was speaking the moment he saw us both walking towards him. “The phone’s here. It’s been there for the past 5 minutes.”

I took a set of comms out of my pocket. “I shouldn’t do this, as you are a civilian, but I need your computer to tell me where we are. Can you track my phone and Walkers? And tell us when she moves?” I handed Sage an ear bud. “We can all talk through these.” I handed Walker one as well. I showed Sage how it sat in my ear with my own.

Walker asked, “You just have a set of these lying around?”

I shook my head. “Not lying around. I had them from when I worked with my mother and Michaela. Boulder never asked for things back.”

Walker just laughed. “That’s why we are missing so much equipment.”

“No they subscribe to a this is yours now policy. Take care of it you aren’t getting more.” I said.

Sage smiled. “Yeah I can do that. I’ve worked with Danny like this once. I wasn’t supposed to, I was 16 at the time.”

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