Bigger Than We Thought – Breakfast with Dad

I missed Sage, but I had things to do. But when I got out of the shower I sent Sage a text.

Tue, 06/26/2015

The shower was lonely without you.
5:37 AM

I was outside Kai’s apartment door when I received Sage’s reply.

Mysterious blue eyed boy
Tue, 06/26/2015

You are making me regret leaving early.
5:47 AM

I laughed as I knocked on Kai’s door. I heard little footsteps inside the apartment. The door unlocked and opened. My father was no where to be seen. I sighed as I lifted the little dragon up. He chirped, “Hi, Nox. Poppi is still in bed.”

“Drake, you can’t answer the door without a big person all right?”

“Poppi told me too.” Drake chittered on about what he and Poppi did.

“Then I guess I’ll be having a chat with my father about proper parenting. And I’m the kid here.” I set Drake down. “Go get ready for school. I’m gonna go get Poppi up and have a chat.”

Drake ran off to get his things situated while I walked down the hall to my father’s bedroom. The door was wide open, and it was dark inside. There were no windows to let in the little light outside. My father didn’t rate a window, it made me smile. I flipped the light on and my father groaned and covered his head. “Kai, my child, a three-year-old cannot under any circumstances answers the door by himself. He’s three!”

Kai sat up and blinked. “I knew it was you.”

“And if it wasn’t?” I asked. “I know it’s been a while since you have had little kids, but they don’t answer doors unless you are watching them.”

Kai rolled out of bed. “It won’t happen again.”

“Okay.” I said, and I left the room.

“You took that well?” Kai laughed. “I expected you to yell more.”

“I’m learning as we go too, why would I be a dick about it?” I asked.

Kai nodded. “Because I wasn’t there for you.”

I smiled. “I’m trying to be a better son. I’m going to make breakfast.”

Kai chuckled. “You had me babysitting to get laid?” Kai grabbed my chin and pressed his thumb against my neck just above my t-shirt collar.

I shook my head and laughed. “No. Walker and I went looking for a hacker. Just turns out the hacker we were looking for was my boyfriend. What can I say?”

My father went to his bathroom to shower, and I made breakfast. It would be an interesting morning. Drake climbed up on to the bar stool in Kai’s kitchen. I smiled at him as I set left over pancakes in front of him. “They aren’t hot, but they are fresh.”

He grinned and picked it up to eat with his fingers. I asked him, “Are your things ready to go?”

Drake nodded. “Yes, sir. Poppi didn’t let me make a mess.”

“That’s good.” I smiled. “You want hot pancakes and eggs?”

Again Drake nodded. “Yes, please.”

I made sausage for everyone I wasn’t sure what my father liked but since he ate in the cafeteria most days a home cooked meal is better than one there.

Eggs would be last – I hated cold eggs.

The pancakes were only a few, I made a couple for Drake and my father besides the ones Drake was eating while the rest of the food cooked. My father didn’t have a coffee maker – blaspheme. I would have to rectify that. I hadn’t had enough coffee yet. I sighed.

By the time the food was cooked my father was coming out of his bedroom wearing jeans and a t-shirt. “Damn, I don’t think my kitchen has ever smelled this good.”

I sighed. “It’d smell better with coffee brewing.”

Kai frowned. “Sorry. I grab a cup downstairs.”

“I figured. I’ll have to grab a few more cups before I go meet my hacker.”

“You mean your boyfriend.” Kai smiled.

“He’s that, too.”

Drake asked, “Can Sage come by again? I liked him.”

“I’m sure he’ll be back again soon, Drake. I think he liked you too.” I smiled at the little dragon as he shoveled more food into his mouth. I wondered if he was going through a growth spurt or if all dragons at this much. I was leaning towards the latter.

We ate in almost perfect silence. But Kai did ask a few questions which I answered. We didn’t want to talk too much about work in front of Drake and we had little in common beyond that.

Breakfast was finished, and we were heading out the door. It wasn’t the best breakfast I’d ever had, but it was the first breakfast I had with my father. It was the first solo meal we’d ever had. And it went rather well all considering.

I dropped Drake off at school and Ant and Walker were just walking up outside my apartment.

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