The Call of the Dragon – Preparing

Dae’lin returned shortly after I explained my day to Walker. How Trix and Truth had found best possible location of the man claiming to be The Dragon. She smiled at Walker, “Good to see you walking around. You’ll have to tell us your secret.”

Walker laughed. “A good swift thinking partner.”

Dae’lin looked at me and smiled then back to my partner. “So are you intending to stay working together?” she asked.

I shrugged with a grin. “Long as he doesn’t slow me down.”

Walker nodded. “Ditto.”

Dae’lin laughed. “I never thought I’d see the day when Nox Sétanta had a willing partner and willingly partnering with him. And I mean that in so many senses of the word.” She looked towards Sage who was still holding my hand. “As for you Truth, you and Trix are welcome to work with us anytime you feel the desire. Well you are, Trix will work for us if she wishes to survive her criminal activities.”

Sage smiled at her. “My pleasure. Though I think I’ll limit my excursions to emergencies.”

Dae’lin nodded. “Emerson’s death has been accepted in the morgue as an accident. Thank you for the articles on spontaneous combustion, planting the evidence was easy. As for our little hacker, we’ll get her safe and secure and let her do her own clean up.”

I grinned at Sage. I hadn’t asked what he’d helped Dae’lin with earlier, I guess I had just found out.

Dae’lin spoke. “I also put out a feeler out to the vampires and wolves in the city and hope they can keep an ear out. When I told them who was going in, even my squealers said they’d watch your back. That’s saying a lot, Nox. What The Last Phoenix is doing is beyond just us. The Dragon Council will be here within the day, so you need to catch him before they get here or he will be lost to us.”

I sighed. “Do they know about Drake?”

Sage interrupted. “I’ll watch him, Nox. You do your thing, don’t worry about the boy. I’ll make sure no one takes him.”

I hugged Sage close and kissed the side of his head. “Much appreciated. No one I’d rather trust. But if you need help Dorian or Kai can help.”

“I’ve not met your father, I don’t think I will ask for help from him.”

Dae’lin took Sage by the elbow. “Let me introduce you to Kai. It’s better if Nox isn’t around. Trust me.”

I sighed but nodded. “Yeah, oka,y fine. Take Drake with you.”

Dae’lin nodded. “Good luck boys. Come back safe and in one piece.”

Walker went off a distance with Dae’lin, the pair giving Sage and I a moment alone in the hall. Sage looked more concerned now that he was alone with me. “I guess I will have to get use to you fighting the good fight, eh?”

I frowned but nodded. “I’m a hunter. This is what I do.”

Sage nodded. “I couldn’t ask you to stop even if I wanted to. It’s like asking me to never touch a computer again. And you have no idea how much that possibility hurt me.”

“I’ll come back safe.” I kissed him then whispered against his lips. “I still have so much I want to do with you.” I wrapped my arms around my boyfriend and hugged him tight to my body whispering in his ear, “And so much of it has nothing to do with what I want to do to your body.”

Sage laughed and pushed me away with a grin. “You only want me for my body.”

I winked at him. “Damn straight.”

“No such luck, love.” Sage said pulling me close and kissing me passionately. I wanted to drown in him and had by the time he pulled away and was looking into my eyes with his bright blue sapphires. “Stay safe. I got your family here. You don’t worry about anything other than coming back.”

Sage gave me a peck on the check and then walked away leaving me wanting more but knowing walking away was far harder than it looked, for both of us.

Walker was shaking his head as he approached me. “It’s hard when you have someone who cares about you that much.” He said as he turned me the other direction. “I need to hit the armory.”

I nodded and let Walker lead me to the secured area of the building where the weapons and other equipment was kept for such missions.

Walker grabbed dragon piercing rounds for his gun and a box for me. “Where’s yours?”

I sighed. “In my room. We can stop up there and grab it. I don’t like carrying Salvation and Damnation around the City unless I have to.”

Walker laughed. “You named your guns?”

I grinned. “My gun and my knife. Knife won’t do much against a dragon but it’s got other useful things too if necessary, a survival knife.”

We retrieved my mundane weapons, and I loaded the weapon with dragon piercing rounds just in case. Both held in their holsters underneath my black leather jacket made for just that purpose.

The Last Phoenix (in order)

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