Viva la Revolution – HQ to Infirmary

After we all recovered we were inside and in headquarters via the service elevators we’d brought Naomi and Gordon in on. It was almost deja vu except Walker was still not up to par.

“Go to the Infirmary. I got this part. I’ll be there when I’m done.”

Walker didn’t even hesitate as I got off on the right floor and he continued on up.

The floor was quiet. Oddly so. I walked with the girl dragon in front of me in her gag and bonds and she looked defeated. “If you cooperate you might make it out alive.” I doubted it. I’d not seen any of my captures freed after a trial. A few had been sent to their own kind to be dealt with but it was usually just as harsh a punishment as we’d dole out – death was the common cure for all things malevolent in the supernatural world.

I took the girl to the fishbowl and shut her in with a wall of air before knocking on Dae’lin’s door. She opened the door and frowned at me. “Another one?”

“We need answers. She might help. Emerson wasn’t going to talk. I didn’t give her the option yet.” I said flatly.

Dae’lin sighed. “Go talk to her.”

I did as I was instructed and let down the wall of air to enter and promptly replaced it. I unwound her gag but not the bonds. “Just kill me.” she said once her mouth was free. “That’s what they are going to do anyway.”

I took a seat opposite of her. “You possess a skill we could use. You seem keen on breaking the law for The Dragon. Help us find him, maybe they’ll let you out on a short leash if you work for us.”

She laughed. “Doubtful, you don’t use other species for help.”

I smiled. “They don’t, but I know a vampire who does. Il Cane actually likes to have options. She needs Chevalier to keep her from the technological advances. But she hunts just the same as I do.”

“You know too many hackers for being daft.”

I laughed. “Call me lucky. I know too many vampires and werewolves too for being Venatori. I get around, what can I say?” I grinned at her brushing my crimson painted fingernails against my shirt clearly bragging.

She rolled her eyes at me. “What do you want?”

“I need The Dragon’s location.”

“I don’t know where he is. I’ve never met him. Only that rat wolf Valentino.” She said.

“Well Duckling. Can you find him? He had to contact Valentino some how didn’t he? We’ve not uncovered that yet. Can you get all the calls to Valentino’s cell? You have his number.”

“Why don’t you get The Wicked Truth to do it or Chevalier if you know them.” She spit out at me.

“Because I’m asking you. See, they are all on good standing with me. You, not so much. I’m giving you a reason to get into my good graces.”

She sighed. “Fine. Give me a computer.”

“I’ll get you a computer and a watch dog. I can’t have you telling The Dragon we are coming for him.”

“Fine.” she said. “Can you untie now?”

“Not right now. But when everything’s in place I will.” I stood up and walked out. I pulled out my phone and I called Sage.

He promptly picked up, “Nox! I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon.”

“I missed you too.” I grinned. “Can you come to the AU building. I need you to watch the girl while she tracks down The Dragon for me.”

“I could do that for you without the babysitting.” He sounded hurt.

“I know you could. But she knows The Dragon. She’ll know what she has you might not. I’ve plenty of things you can work for me that I’d trust you with before her. If you are interested in more than babysitting.”

Sage nodded. “I don’t think your bosses will like you giving me work.”

I laughed. “I don’t care. I need to you bring a bare bones powerful laptop. Something she can use but she can’t do much more on.”

“I can do that. But she can install anything she wants.”

“I got you watching her.” I smiled. “Come to the twenty-ninth floor and someone will bring you to me if I can’t get there.”

“See you soon.” Sage hung up and I was left with a little dead air before I went about the rest of my walk.

I took the stairs up the two flights to the Infirmary to find Walker. He was my next priority.

There was a woman at the nurses station out front and I stopped to ask her. “Do you know where Walker Moore is right now? He came in with a vampire bite.”

Her face paled and she looked up from what she was doing. “I’d gather he’s in the morgue now.”

“Can you look please? He came in alive.” I asked slightly annoyed and letting it show in my face and my voice.

She sighed and rolled her eyes but looked in the system and gasped. “He’s in ICU, room 236.”

“Thank you.” I smiled at her and flourished her a bow.

I didn’t wait to see what her reaction was as I turned around and went up to the next floor. I was immediately stopped by a nurse, “Who are you here to see?”

“Walker Moore.” I said with a smile.

“Only family can see him here.” She pointed at the door, “And you are not family.”

“He’s my partner, come on. I just want to check on him I won’t be long.” I pleaded.

She took pity on me. “Alright. Where you there when he got bit?”

I shook my head. “We’d split up. I saw him afterwards, while he was being held hostage.”

“He’s right in there. Don’t be long.” She scowled as she left.

Walker was wearing a paper gown and sitting up in bed with an IV bag strung up next to him. He wasn’t dead – he looked better than last I’d seen him. He nodded towards the door, “Shut the door.”

I complied with a question written all over my face. He quickly waved me over and whispered, “Did you do something after she let me go? I mean to me.”

I nodded. “Yeah what I did the last time I got bit by a vampire. Fed the wound elements. Why?” I grinned at him.

“They say that I should be dead. But here I am. You made me a freak of nature.” He laughed. “So this is how it feels like huh?”

I grinned. “I suppose. I didn’t heal you. You healed you. I gave your body the resources to produce the antibodies needed to counter act the vampire bite faster than the poison could attack your system. At least that’s my theory.”

Walker waved a hand over his head. “Yeah, I so don’t get it.”

“You are going to be okay? I was worried.”

Walker nodded. “Yeah, thanks to you. You need to make a report on this. Write a white paper or whatever they call them and submit it to the Venatori medical journals. Cesari could be doing so much more than just being Scrin and teaching. It opens up doors.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know if it has to be Cesari. Four single elemental could potentially yield the same results.”

“I’ll be okay. Go back to whatever you were doing.” Walker said.

I laughed. “I’m waiting The Wicked Truth to arrive so he can babysit the hacker girl. She’s going to find The Dragon for us.”

“Why didn’t you let Sage just do that for us?”

I smiled. “I have something else in mind for him.”

“Like what?” Walker asked curiously.

I smiled again. “Like cleaning up the mess we made. If he does a good job maybe we’ll use his abilities more often.”

Walker laughed. He almost feel out of the hospital bed he was laughing so hard. “Making it so he has to see you huh?”

I grinned. “No. I think he’d enjoy a little more secrecy to his job than working for the government strictly. He’s like us. What would you do if you got stuck with a desk job? That’s basically what he’s doing. And he’s a technopath. He needs the right outlet.”

Walker shook his head. “You are too practical. Why can’t you just admit you want your boy toy around all the time.”

I laughed. “While that is 100% correct, I do want him around. He’s not my boy toy and I want to make him happy. He loves doing what he does. I can give him more of that.”

I moved towards the door. “I should go.” I opened the door and stepped out. “Your nurse wasn’t too happy I showed up not being family and all.”

Walker nodded. “Don’t go killing anyone without me.” He grinned. “And think about that paper. I’m sure Vega can give you some pointers on that.”

I sighed. “I’ll think about it.”

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