Unwanted Partner – Walker

Dae’lin’s office wasn’t too far from the encounter with my father. I knocked on the closed door and the voice that made me jump all my life called out, “Enter.” And I had no choice but to obey. She still made me jump at her commands though now I could ignore then if I wanted to. But I tried not to do that lest she tell me to go to hell and I’d have to work for someone I didn’t like. The office was small, and it was already full. Another man, I knew his face but not his name, sat in the corner chair leaving the one by the door for me while Dae’lin sat behind her desk tapping away at the computer in front of her.

Dae’lin raised her head and tucked a strand of straight raven black hair behind her hear. Her eyes widened in surprise. “Nox you are early?” She looked at the time on her watch as she added, “You are never early.”

“I was in the neighborhood.” I smiled. “I can come back.”

Dae’lin shook her head, “No, no. Sit down.” She pointed her whole hand at the man in the corner with her palm facing up. “This is Walker Moore. Walker this is Nox Sétanta. I would like him to help you on your current task, Walker. Nox is very knowledgeable about the City’s undercurrents and the dragons of the city in particular.”

He sighed. “He is also the hunter with the lowest count.”

I laughed as I sat down in the other chair. “My record is higher than my father’s. Just because I don’t kill them, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.”

Walker frowned. “You cheat. We shouldn’t work with the creatures we hunt.”

I hated this bigotry. It was everywhere for everything. Your sexuality, your gender, your race, your species. You’d think a secret society hidden inside the human world would be bigger than the humans they protected, but no we were worse than any human could ever be. I sighed. “Dae’lin I can’t work with him.” I stood up to leave.

But Dae’lin called me out. “Nox. Stop.” I had no choice but to comply. “Walker needs your help. I wouldn’t assign you this unless I didn’t think you’d be an asset to the problem at hand. Walker is hunting a bank robber. We have her on camera using her fire breath to scare the patrons. This wasn’t her first bank robbery, and it won’t be her last. Just the first where we had to cover up what the patrons saw. So we need to find her before things get out of hand.”

“So why do you need me? Sounds like a pretty cut and dry case. Dragon’s are never far from their hoards. She’ll always go home.” I said.

Dae’lin frowned. “Walker is just off his first hunt, I thought it was an easy case since we had an image to go from, not just rumors. But he’s hunted outside the City for his first hunt, tracking outside is easy, inside the cement and concrete of New York City, it’s not as easy as it seems.”

Walker interjected, “It’s not just that Dae’lin. She’s not following any patterns. I don’t know the city well enough yet.”

“Nox, he needs your help. Walker will chill with his sentiments while he works with you. Won’t you Walker?”

“Yes, ma’am.” He said as he stared back at me.

Dae’lin continued oblivious to the look I was getting. If looks could kill I’d be fighting for my life but she whispered. “And Walker, Nox is lead now. You need his contacts. They won’t talk to you.”

“Why would anyone talk to him?” He quipped.

I smiled. “Because I’m not a bigoted ass and I can charm just about anyone.” I gave him an evil grin, “Except maybe you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Walker asked as he stood up.

Dae’lin was rolling her eyes as we left the office. She mumbled to herself, “I hope they don’t kill each other.”

I gave Dae’lin a flourishing bow in response to her spoken comments. She turned a bright shade of pink and I grinned back at her. I did very much love proving that I was not human weak.

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