Before the Storm – Appointment

I headed to the Infirmary instead to meet with my so-called Progeny Program Agent. The Infirmary was where Venatori went to get patched up. It was also where research was done and supernatural creatures could come for their ailments.

But it held other offices that medical professionals were needed among the Venatori including therapists which I have utilized since I was 6 years old. But today I was going for my obligation to the Venatori species.

Dr. Silas’ office was a few halls from Margo’s. But that wasn’t surprising since all the offices were in one place. I was still a few minutes early. I knocked on the door and when there was no answer I opened the door. But it opened into an office filled with books. No one was inside so I closed the door and stood outside.

Leaning against the wall, I pulled my phone out and found my mysterious contact. I think Mia thought I would change it once I realized it, but I liked it. I knew his name, but I still thought of him as my mysterious blue-eye boy.

Sat, 06/23/2015

Waiting outside an appointment. I want to see you again.
11:45 AM

I sighed. I was sounding desperate. Why was I doing this?

The familiar blond came into my peripherals. “Mr. Sétanta. You are early.”

“One of my many quirks.” I grinned.

My phone went off, but I slid it back into my pocket and followed Dr. Silas into her office.

It was cramped and full of books and paper the only two surfaces not covered in stuff was the two chairs. She was very disorganized, and I shuddered. I hoped she knew where everything was. Otherwise this might take a while.

I sat down in the chair that looked well used but not by humanoid posteriors, more like books. “So, Dr. Silas, where did you want to start?”

“Mr. Sétanta.”

I interrupted. “Nox.”

She sighed and continued. “Nox. Do you have intentions to fulfill your obligation, or do you want us to begin the search for a compatible mate?”

“You should probably start looking. I don’t think the women I know will want a quarter human child.”

“You are Cesari and one of the most powerful Magnus we’ve had in generations. Your display still stands in the center lobby. Why would any woman of child bearing age not one the possibility of having their progeny become even stronger? With the right breeding you could have the strongest Magnus ever born.” She smiled at me, “Dr. Eriksen has given me a list of women that would be excellent matches for you.”

“How many of them know they are excellent matches for me?” I asked.

“Well. None, as yet. We do not have their agreements. But we could easily gain their participation.” Dr. Silas piled papers on top of other papers, laying them out like I was going to choose now.

“Tell me. Dr. Silas, would you sleep with me if you thought we’d make powerful babies?” I had on my serious face when she looked up.

She frowned. “I’m… I… No, you are not my type.”

I smiled. “So even if Dr. Eriksen came to you and said our babies would produce the most powerful Magnus and Venatori ever, would you sleep with me then?”

“Well… No. I don’t see how this has any bearing on anything. I’m not a candidate at all.”

I sighed. “You are a normal heterosexual Venatori woman. While I am several years younger than you even the prospect of power is not enticing enough for you – a normal woman – to sleep with me to produce this new power. What makes you think any woman on that list is going to sleep with me because Dr. Eriksen says so.”

“Let’s start with me telling you what I want out of this arrangement with a woman. I don’t want a relationship. I want someone who is willingly in my bed, to produce an heir. I want to have at least partial custody of any children produced. I want a family.” That was what I wanted.

“Mr. Sétanta, that isn’t how this works. We are not a dating service.”

I rolled my eyes. “Then, Dr Silas,” I stood up and turned for the door, “We are done here. I have one prospect woman with a meeting Monday night to discuss our wants and needs. I will notify you if we make an arrangement.”

I opened the door and closed it behind me louder than I should have.

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