Dragon Hunting – Collateral Damage

We headed for the fire escape and Walker climbed. I took a deep breath and pushed aside my growing fear and went up myself.

Walker looked down and smiled, “I guess you were right, you don’t let things get in your way.”

“I conquer my fears, they don’t conquer me.” I whispered, but I could hear the fear making my works shake. But I don’t think Walker noticed at least he said nothing.

We climbed up the fire escape but as we passed a cracked window, I caught her scent again. “Here,” I said and stopped to open the window.

It was breaking and entering. We could go to jail if we got caught in the act. I looked around and saw no one in the immediate vicinity and I drew a veil around us and the fire escape. It reflected the world back upon itself without me and Walker moving inside of it. It was invisibility so to speak, but it was just a trick of the eye. If someone wanted to see us, they could, but a camera’s lens would not be fooled.

Walker opened the window and stepped inside first. There was a sharp scream and then a high hysterical crying sound coming from the room. Walker was pointing a gun at a man wearing a black leather jacket with the Last Phoenix sewn on. He was holding a small baby boy as ebony black as the woman and the same golden hair only much shorter in curls. His orange eyes were drawn to me when I stepped into the room.

“We need to know where she is.” I said. Walker stepped closer with the gun still pointed at them.

The man pulled his son closer, and the boy whimpered and cried. It alternated between fear and something else. He shouted at us, “I know what you are. Naomi said not to tell you anything. We were safe from you.”

I sighed. “No. I’m afraid you are not safe from us. Your son is guilt free and can live a normal life. You robbed a bank. We will give you over to the human police to be tried in your Naomi’s stead. You can let the world know dragon’s exist as a plea for insanity. No one will believe you. Tell us where she went. We know she came here.”

The man was human, which made the child a half dragon. I’d never seen or heard of a surviving half dragon. I knelt down and looked into the boy’s eyes and smiled. “Your son is special.”

He pulled the boy farther from me. “Get out Feras. We want nothing to do with you.”

“You try very hard to be a dragon don’t you? But you fail. It’s why they won’t let you put the mark on your skin. You are not a dragon.” I had many questions, many things in the supernatural world were changing, were the dragons allowing half human children to survive, and humans among their ranks? There was a lot to figure out. A war waiting to happen. There always was in the world humans knew nothing about.

A rock fell down the metal fire escape. She wanted us away from her family. “She’s baiting us.”

I wove weaves of air around the man and the boy. “You need to stay here. I’ll be back after we got her.”

“Don’t kill her!” the man pleaded.

“We’ll try not to.”

I went out first, I think because I was closer, but I had other reasons to go first. I was Magnus, I was Cesari, I had the better advantage this time.

We climbed the rest of the fire escape and found Naomi on the roof half in dragon form, half out. Her body was lined obsidian like scales intermingled with gold ones. Her large orange eyes were above a reptilian snout. I’d never seen a half form before.

Walker had his gun trained on her but she was staring at me. Her mouth opened and let out a long threatening growl. I took a step back and wove a wall of air between us. I’d been burned once too many, and I wasn’t about to become fricasseed again.

Naomi spoke in guttural tones of a throat unused to human speech, “Youu. Will. Not. Take me.” She growled again, and I felt the vibrations through my body. “The Dragon. Will. Never. Die!” And with the last words she spat out fire from her mouth and a single shot rang out. I assumed it was Walker’s gun going off, but it didn’t matter as I lunged for Walker and wove shield of air around us both.

The flaming breath coiled around the bubble of air and Walker stared at it in amazement as it died down. His shot had been true, Naomi had only stopped her fire breath because she could no longer breathe. Her lungs were filling up with blood.

A gun shot wound would not have made it past a dragon’s scales, but it looked like half human scales weren’t as strong.

I walked over to her and Walker followed his gun trained on her. “What does The Dragon want to do?”

She spat at me. Blood and spittal landed not to far from my foot.

Walker kicked her, “Who’s this Dragon?”

I sighed. “Stop Walker. The Dragon is an ancient dragon his birth name was Ye Pan. He runs the Last Phoenix. He was and always has been a big name in the City. Though he’s never involved himself with robbing banks before.”

I looked at Naomi, “I’ll keep your son safe. What does the Dragon want?”

“Humanity will die!” She growled at me again and snapped. I sighed and wrapped her mouth and her body in bands of air.

“It looks like a long night.” If there was a conspiracy going down, it was something the Venatori needed to hear, and The Dragon was not some little name to ignore. I could only hope they saw it the way I did.

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