Aspect – Mysterious Blue-Eyed Boy

I made my way to the bar on the other side of the room. I would not get drunk, but I wanted a beer none-the-less. However, I never made it across the room before a hand was grabbing my arm and pulling me into the hallway that lead to the bathrooms. “Whoa, whoa, I don’t even know you.”

The small blonde looked up at me with a frown of disgust etched into her face. “What?” She looked down the hall to the line of women coming out of one door and paled. I laughed. She spluttered, “No. Not.” She stamped her foot into the ground and glared up at me with green eyes that were neither pretty nor one of those disgusting colors; they were just green. She could use a little makeup if you asked me.

There must have been a smirk on my face. “Wipe that smile off your face. This isn’t a game, Nox.”

“You know my name. I think it only benefits us both if I know yours.” I grinned at her with evil in my eyes. “Otherwise what name am I going to scream out when I come?”

The color of her face turned to the color of a beet. She wasn’t red – more like purple with rage. “I am Dr. Hillary Silas. I am…”

“What the fuck lady, are you following me? I’m out having a good time and you are here hounding me. Can’t this wait. Make a damn appointment like everyone else.”

“Mr. Sétanta I have been trying. You won’t return my calls.” She was furious.

“My name is Nox.” I hated being called Mr. Sétanta, it was just a reminder that my mother was a bitch. “My calendar is public for a reason. Ms. Silas.”

“Dr. Silas.”

I guffawed. “Dr. Silas. See where I’m busy. If you make an appointment, I’ll be there. I’m leaving now.” I turned to walk away, but she grabbed my arm again.

“Mr…. Nox. I’m here now let’s talk.”

“Look, lady. I’m here to drink and dance, so unless you want to do either of them leave me alone.” I yanked my arm free of her tight grasp. Surprise lit my face. I hadn’t expected it to be so easy to stalk off to the bar. But I felt her following me.

There were plenty of girls at the bar, but that wouldn’t scare the lady away. But there was one guy standing there alone. He had bright blue eyes. I recognized them from somewhere. But I couldn’t place him this far away. He was leaning against the bar watching the dancers. He’d work – hopefully.

The blue-eyed man was drinking a Sam Adams, and I grinned. I walked up beside him and slipped into the small space between him and another man at the bar and leaned against it waving at the bar tender. When she came by with a sweet smile and pink hair I said, “I’ll have what he’s having.” I pointed at the blue-eyed man and said it loud enough for both he and the bartender to hear.

I could feel the piercing green eyes of my stalker as the blue-eyed man turned to look at me with a grin. I smiled at him and I saw the deeper blue – the sapphire blue eyes that matched my signature color today. He grinned at me in return. I knew his face. I don’t know why, but I did. He shifted so that his attention was on me, his body was long and lean and I made it obvious I was checking him out. I would love to see that body naked.

Dr. Hillary Silas was watching me check the man out and when I leaned against him a little while I waited for my beer to arrive she stomped her foot and left with a loud huff. I grinned and turned my attention back to the pretty man before me. “Hey, Duckling.”

My blue-eyed friend laughed and handed me my beer. “Hi,” he said with a grin.

I took a long swig of my beer, never breaking eye contact with those great blue eyes of his.

I leaned over and took a deep breath. He smelled clean with a hint of lavender. I hummed softly into his ear before speaking. “Want to dance?”

He turned against my cheek and chuckled, “First, tell me what that was about.”

I pulled away and looked at him. “You mean her deal?”

He nodded, and I shrugged in return, “She’s stalking me. I told her to make an appointment.”

He grinned at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “She won’t contact your pimp huh?”

I laughed at him but I wondered how much he knew about me to make such a comment. “Bitch don’t know the rules.” He laughed, and I bit my bottom lip as I watched the mirth in his face and the light in his eyes. Such beautiful eyes. “Dance with me?” I said a little too breathless for me taste, but he nodded and his smile grew wider and stayed on his face as we walked to the dance floor.

The music got louder on the floor, it was darker and his eyes turned into deep pools of black. He was taller than me by a few inches – so rare for me to have to look up even those short few inches. It was refreshing. The beat thrummed through our bodies as I pulled him against me and we moved with the throng of people. It looked chaotic from the outside, but from the inside it was a perfect pattern. One couple would move this way, and another would take their place. The singles would mingle through the dance floor following the beat, brushing their bodies against another single or a part of a couple.

A small brunette curled up against my blue-eyed friend and he turned to face her, his back side pushed against my front. I wrapped my hand around the front of his stomach to move with him as he danced with the girl in front of him. She smiled and moved off to the next man dancing to our left. But we didn’t move. His hand reached up behind me and he leaned his head back against me as we moved around the dance floor.

I buried my face in the crook of his neck and breathed in his clean scent. My heart was racing both from the exertion of dancing and from the excitement building inside of me. I hadn’t come in to the club with the thought of getting laid, but here was this beautiful man before me, making me want him the more we danced.

I lost track of the time, of how many songs we had danced too. I got lost in him and he was more than willing to dance his night away with me. We’d had a few women come up behind both of us during our dancing, none stayed long when they noticed we were into each other more than her. A blond with purple tips wrapped her arms around my blue-eyed friend’s neck and he leaned down to let her speak in his ear. His friend. I remembered her too but from where I didn’t know.

She left through the throng of people and he wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed his body against me. His hands trailed down my back, and I froze with fear as his fingers brushed against the silky blue shirt that matched his eyes. Until he found the to waist of my jeans. He played with the belt loops before pulling me closer with his hands on my ass. He grinned as he felt the foil packs in my back pocket.

One hand left my ass, and I didn’t know where he was moving it to, caught up in the motion of his face dipping into the crook of my neck and his lips brushing feather light touches against the tight skin of my collar bone. I lost all breath and bit back a moan that tried to escape and betray my cool exterior. He was unraveling me with ease.

He pulled away and held a crumpled card between two fingers making sure I saw it. I followed his movements until his hand was behind me and slipping it into my back pocket. He grinned. Those blue eyes sparkling at me as he held up the two foil packs that had been in my back pocket. He leaned closer and whispered. “I’ll take these. Call me.” I stood in stunned silenced awed by his game. My blue-eyed tormentor held the packs between two fingers and slipped them into his own back pocket with a mischievous grin. He left me standing there alone watching him walk away, but he turned around with a smile and shouted, “Call me,” before he slipped through the crowd and disappeared with his purple haired friend.

With a sigh I left the dance floor myself and headed for the bar. I couldn’t help but look for the mysterious blue-eyed man who played me better than I had played him. He left me wanting more. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out his card. It read. “Sage Morgan. Security Consultant” Below his name listed his contact information, email and phone number included.

I tucked the crumpled card back into my pocket when Mia found me and pulled the stiff paper from my pocket with a grin and turned on her heel and headed off the dance floor to find Jace. He was standing near the bar sipping at a beer holding two others by the necks in his free hand.

Mia cozied up next to him, wrapping her hand around his waist and holding the crumbled business card up for him to read. I snatched the card from her fingers and she giggled at me. “You never keep their numbers.”

I grinned at her. “He took something of mine.” I tucked the number back into my back pocket. I wouldn’t ever call him, but throwing it away after he made such a big effort to leave me wanting him made me keep it.

Jace handed me a beer. “Drink up, we need to get home. Babysitter called. Naya’s running a fever.”

Mia rolled her eyes. “She’s only teething, but Jace has gone all panicked father so we have to go.”

I took a swallow of the beer and set it down. “We can go anytime.”

Jace laughed, “What you aren’t going to hook up first?”

“Do I always hook up?” I asked. Both my friends nodded their heads with great big gestures. “I do not.”

“You do too.” They said in unison, looking at each other with a grin afterwards.

I sighed with a grin as I patted my back pocket. “Seems my mysterious blue-eyed boy took my protection with him.”

Jace busted out laughing. The guys standing next to us gave us that look and moved a little further away which made Jace laugh even harder. “Don’t look at me bro, I don’t carry anymore.”

“I’m good.” I took his beer from him and set it down next to mine and Mia followed. “We can go – honest.”

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