Bombs – Captured

The substation was encompassed about half a block with lots of high voltage signs all over the fence. It was easy enough to hope the fence even with the barbed wire at the top, but I didn’t have to, there was a hole the size of a man burnt into the fencing. As if that wasn’t enough of a clue to what did it we were definitely on the right track. The fence had already cooled, but that didn’t mean anything really.

Before I went in I sent Walker a text

Mon, 06/25/2015

He’s been here. Fence is burnt/melted. Stay alert!
11:32 AM

I didn’t wait for a response. Either Walker got it or he didn’t. We both knew our job, and I trusted Walker to be safe and do his. He knew we needed Emerson alive. I hoped he knew anyway. I didn’t think Dae’lin had paired us together just because Walker needed help hunting in the city.

The substation was mostly electrical equipment and I really had no idea about most of it. I only knew that if I wanted to blow it up I wanted something central and that would cause the most destruction. So I wound my way towards the middle of the network of cables and capacitors and whatever else was sitting in the substation.

It was eerily quiet. The gravel under my feet was the only sound. My heart rate was steady as was my breathing. This was where I lived. I thrived on the hunt. It was dangerous. I loved the hunt. It was where I felt most alive.

I rounded the corner and saw a figure slip between a row of boxes. I moved slowly, each footstep carefully placed so the gravel wouldn’t shift beneath my feet and make a sound. I pressed my body against the last box before the figure had turned down and I wove a reflective surface with air and water. I could watch without being seen.

A man dressed in black stood near one of the large conduits. I glanced around me and knew that we had to be in the center of the construct. It would yield the most damage. On the other end of the corridor of boxes I saw Walker move into a closer position. I watched as Walker continued to get closer. He wanted to take him down physically. No guns were drawn, he wasn’t going to kill. I wondered if Walker had ever gone up against a dragon before.

I got closer. Emerson was busy applying the C4 to the conduits and connecting wires and preparing his bomb. I watched Walker and he pantomimed a distraction and wrapping the dragon up. I nodded my ascent. I understood.

Walker tossed a rock away from him and Emerson turned in that direction. I wove air in front of Walker and myself and then in one quick weave I engulfed Emerson in a vaccuum. He started to gasp and struggle for breathe and I then gagged him with earth and air and let him breath again. I bound his legs and when he tried to move he fell to the ground face first.

I stepped out from my spot. “You had to feel the bonds on your feet Emerson.”

Walker came up to him too. “What did you do to him first?” he asked.

“I sucked all the air out of his area. I didn’t want him to breathe fire.”

“Human form Dragon’s breathe fire?” Walker asked. It was a question I actually got a lot.

I laughed. “You saw the scar on my leg right? Dragon fire from a human form dragon.” The look on Walker’s face said it all. It was a mixture of wide eyed surprise and shocked horror and neither one of them was wrong.

We weren’t taught in the Academy that dragons in human form could breathe fire. My theory on that was because you didn’t normally survive dragon’s fire. It was like napalm, once it got on you it burned through your clothes and into your skin and to the bone in minutes. Water makes it spread like oil and it’s so hot you can’t fan the flames out, it eats everything in it’s path. But I’m not a normal hunter as I’ve said many times already, my ability gives me a different advantage. I suffocated the fire with earth air and water and I still had a functioning leg thanks to my quick thinking. Courses would be reviewed and the information was added, but Walker didn’t benefit from the knew knowledge. Red tape and all that.

I smiled at him, “Tell me about it.” I squatted down in front of Emerson who’d now had managed to sit up. His face was a mass of cuts and scrapes from falling into the gravel of the substation.

“I’ll ungag you if you promise not to spit fire at me.” He glared at me and I shrugged. “Suits me just fine. We’ll take you in and you can wait for your trial. I’m sure The Dragon’s just going to love you for getting caught.”

His eyes went wide at the mention of The Dragon. We helped the man up and we let him walk. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Walker added.

Emerson shook his head. I dropped the gag and Emerson stretched him mouth from the restraint. “If I talk he’ll kill me.”

“Attempting to blow up a substation is gonna at minimum put you in prison, but since you are a dragon you fall under the Clandestine Law, and we get to sentence you. You know what Venatori to do people who disrupt humanity right?”

Emerson nodded. “I want a deal.”

I laughed. “This isn’t a cop show. We’ll take you in, but you will talk to us with or without a deal.”

We took our dragon in. He was meek and cooperative. We called in our bomb squads and they’d take care of the c4 and the other explosives he’d planted. We removed everything but the clothes on the man’s back before we left with him back to HQ. We even gave him the address where he made everything. I called Armand while we walked back.

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