Pissed Off

Dev was one of those traditional type guys. He was meant to be with a girl. He liked to wine and dine her. Walk her home, kiss her good-night and maybe if he was lucky the night cap in her apartment. He’d been with Dee forever and then he met us. Of all my lovers he was the only one who really insisted he walk me home. Not because I needed to be protected but because he was that traditional. And I had no problem letting him take care of me. It made him happy and that’s what I wanted from all of them.

And I knew my behavior was making everyone pissy. Dev’s hand tightened on my hip as we walked down the street back to Sage’s house. The brownstone came into view but I knew we were close before that. The power around the little house was extraordinary. I had wards of all kinds set up outside. Danny had pack magic around it. Sage’s power radiated through the wires around us. I felt Dragon magic too which meant Drake was still awake. And the soft hum of Matt’s ability lingering near everything. His power sucked in all the power. He had to fight it. If we were someplace safer I wouldn’t need so many things protecting us.

Dev sighed. “Nox, it’s okay. They are safe. The Venatori won’t hurt you.”

I shook my head, “But now that I’m out here alone, others can attack without prejudice. Just because I help people doesn’t mean I don’t make enemies or they are pissed at me.”

Dev hugged me hip. “I’ll take care of everyone.”

I smiled. “All three of you will. But I shouldn’t go.”

Dev laughed. “Yes you should. Nox, find whatever it is that’s missing and harness it. Don’t just go to help Ant, help yourself too.”

I unlocked the front door, but as soon as the key hit the lock the door was open and Sage was glaring at me. “Where the hell have you been?”

I was about to turn around and walk away but Dev held me against him and I sighed. “I went to see Il Cane.”

“I know, Dee called me.”

I sighed. “So why did you ask?”

He glared at me then at Dev. “Leave him out of this.” I said.

Dev turned me to him. “Talk to him.” He brushed off my shoulders like he was making me presentable then pressed a kiss to my lips and I hummed softly against them which made him smile. “Don’t yell. I’ll see you later.”

I nodded and turned to watch Dev leave our front stoop and down the side walk and around the corner vanishing in the darkness before I turned back to Sage who was still throwing daggers at me. “I thought we were done with this life?”

“You thought we were done with vampires and werewolves and the Venatori?” I asked quietly as I pushed passed Sage so we could fight inside instead of on the street. “We live with a dragon and a werewolf. You’re parents are werewolves. Why would you think we were done with them?”

Sage just glared at me. “You can’t hunt anymore. You aren’t Venatori.”

“I’m not hunting, Sage. Cari wants me to go to Rome and figure out a diplomatic way of handling things. She doesn’t want to fight them if she doesn’t have to, but she knows I can handle myself if it comes to that.”

“Rome? How the hell are you going to get there you barely can ride an elevator.”

“Shadow walk.” I said simply as I made my way to the kitchen. I hated shadow walking but it was the fastest way to get there.

Sage grabbed my arm and squeezed hard against my elbow not letting me past him. “So you were going to go over seas without talking to any of us?” he acused.

“No.” I shook my head, “Cari needs an answer by tomorrow night. I was going to talk with you, Dee and Dev before I said yes or no.”

“You shouldn’t have to talk to us. You know what we’ll say.”

“Do I? Do you know what Dev said?” I asked knowing Sage expected him to say no.

“He told you not to go. Dee will tell you the same thing I will. We need you here.”

“You don’t even know I’m here Sage. You are so wrapped up in work and your brother you don’t even know when I’m gone.”

“That’s not true!” He said rather loudly. He blushed knowing he could wake the boys. “Who’s going to take care of them?”

“You? Dee? Matt’s capable of taking care of them if it comes down to it.” I said.

“You’d leave a 16 year old boy in charge of his brothers while you go galavanting around Europe chasing vampires?” Sage was getting angry.

I jerked my arm from his grasp and his glare worsened. “I’m leaving the boys in your capable hands. Unless you aren’t capable as I think you are.”

Sage glared at me. “If you go, this is done.”

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me.” Sage stood his ground. “If you walk out that door to go hunting. I’m done. I don’t want to worry about you Nox. I don’t like wondering if I’ll ever see you again.”

“So if I’d stayed with the Venatori, let them treat me like shit hunting would be fine. You wouldn’t have said anything. But now that I can freely make my own choices you are forbidding me from doing this?”

Sage just stared at me. I wasn’t sure if he was standing his ground or he didn’t know what to say. I could see his anger all around him in the patterns movements. He couldn’t touch them but they reacted to him because of his ability. The energy was everywhere.

I sighed. “Fine. Sage. I’ll get my things and the boys when I get back and find a place to live.” I walked out the front door with nothing but what was in my pockets.

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  1. “If you walk out that door to go hunting. I’m done.” Darn, Sage. Nothing like putting your hands on his back and shoving him away. :(

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    1. I did it just a little bit cause he said I couldn’t do it… But AJ says I needed to fall sighs

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      1. I’ll survive. AJ says I won’t die permenamtly…

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      2. That’s good to know. ;)

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