Long Distance

We had the rest of the day to kill. It was 8am at home so I decided I’d call Sage first, then I’d call the boys. I hoped that his dream walk into my world would help him rethink what he’d said. But I couldn’t leave it like that I loved him. And … and nothing. I just needed to hear his voice.

Sage answered groggily on the fifth ring just before voicemail would pick up. “Nox? What time is it?”

“It’s 2pm here, should be 8 there.”

I pictured Sage rubbing his eyes and moving the phone so he could look at the time. “I’m going to be late for work.”

I rolled my eyes. “You are never late, Sage. You work downstairs in your own home.”

He grinned I could hear the amusmenet over the phone. “Yeah but I don’t like going to work in my underwear.”

“But you could, and you’d be sexy doing it.” I flirted. I knew Sage would blush, he always blushed. I could feel his skin heating up under my fingers. “Are you still mad at me?” I whispered.

“Yes and no.” Sage said. But he didn’t elaborate and I didn’t really want to know the answer.

But I had to ask, “What are you mad at?”

“You left Nox. You left my house to go galavanting around the world with Ant and a bunch of vampires. How many near death experiences have you had today?”

I sighed, “Two fights, nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“See why the fuck would you tell me that?” Sage growled out in anger.

“You asked. And you know damned well I don’t lie to you.” I sighed. “This was a mistake. I’ll see you when I get home.” I didn’t wait for an answer as I hung up the phone. I stared at it for a long time before I called Dee who was with my boys.

“Morning?” Dee asked.

“Afternoon. Are the boys up?”

Drake giggled in the background. “They don’t like my pancakes.”

“I’m sorry.”

I could hear Dee moving away from the boys over the phone. “Dev’s worried.”

“I know. I’ll call him after this, but I had to check on everyone else, Dev knew I was well last time he saw me.”

“Nox you fucking disappeared on him.”

I sighed. “I know it wasn’t my fault. And I had an emergency to take care of.”

“He should have been first on your list. Not Sage who is sending me angry texts.”

“I needed to talk to Sage. I’m sorry. He’s mad at me. You are mad at me. Dev isn’t. Dev could wait while I tried to fix things. But all I do is make them worse so whatever…”

Dee sighed. “Did you want to talk to the boys?”

“Yes.” I said flattly. At this point I just wanted to say hi and I loved them so I could go talk to the one person who hadn’t been mad at me but now was. I sighed.

Matt’s voice was sad. “You alright?”

“I’ll be fine when this is all over.”

He laughed in that way that said it’s not funny but there isn’t much else you can do about it way. “This place is nice. Fae has his own room. Drake and I do too. Dee has the master and there is so much room. Ms. Grey said we could decorate however we wanted. So Drake has started coloring on the walls.”

“Please don’t let him do that.” I said.

Matt laughed. “Dee made him clean it up with a toothbrush. Told him we could paint it this weekend. Whatever color he wanted.”

“Sounds fun.”

“We need to get to school. Fae and Drake are giggling at the door and won’t come to the phone.”

“That’s alright.” I said. “Give them a hug for me.”

“You bet. And Nox, stay safe. We’d miss you around here. All of us. Even if they are mad at you they still ask about you.”

I sighed. “Thanks Matt, take care of the boys and yourself. And check in on Sage please.”

“Will do, we’ll stop by his house on the way home.” Matt said, “We’ll talk again soon.”

He hung up and that was that. I had to call Dev and let him know I was okay. I wasn’t dead. But I needed to collapse first.

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4 thoughts on “Long Distance

  1. Is it okay if I want to lock Sage and Nox in a room and refuse to let them out until they can actually talk things through? No food. No water. No magic. Kind of like extreme couples counseling. :lol:

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    1. haha. I’m not sure that would work. We are both a little stubborn. You’d have to take phones and internet away too! Not fair if you just take my magic :P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s true. Oh, I forgot to mention: No yelling. For every yell, they have to stay in there for one more hour. :P

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m trying to think if either of us are yellers… don’t remember if we’ve yelled at each other yet. On AJ’s reread she’ll have to pay attention.

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