More Favors

There was a few more awkward moments in the room Ryan had dragged me off into to tell me the secret of a true Chevalier. It was the death magic that bound them together. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be bound by death to a vampire, even one who was a good friend. I don’t know how Ryan did it. He even said that his master was a psychopath. That’s not a nice thing to say about anyone, and he said it about one of his closest friends. Assuming of course, that Cari was his friend.

Ryan chuckled. “You get lost in that head of yours.”

I shrugged. “Sorry.”

He shook his head. “It’s rather endearing. Someone who actually thinks for a change.”

My phone rang and I sighed. I didn’t recognize the ring tone which meant it was likely about our dragon call. I answered, “Hello.”

“Nox, this is Michel. I have secured safe houses for your friends. But, I need assistance.”

I sighed. “What do you need help with?” I asked. There was always a catch.

“The host of the London safe house wishes to speak with you. I think she has a favor to ask of you.”

“Let me guess, she’s doing you a favor and this is my payment for you helping me?”

He sighed. “I… Yes. That is the case. She has asked this favor of me, but I am asking you for your help.”

“Am I helping you, or her?” I asked.

“Both. Please, Nox. It’s important.”

“I never said I wouldn’t help. Of course I will help. I can’t get to London until Ant wakes up. When he does we will be there. What other cities did we get safe houses in.”

Michel answered. “I have given all the information to Mistress Giovanni’s staff at the house. All major cities in the EU have been covered. There is one in Japan and another in China, but that is for the Asian contingent. They are even more exclusive than we are. The Americas have none at my disposal.”

“I’m not worried about the Americas. Cari can provide safe houses there. Ones that we know Valence knows nothing of.”

Ryan nodded his ascent even though I hadn’t asked for it. He grinned at me like he knew what I was thinking, maybe he did. “Give me all the information I need on the person you want me to meet and what her problem is. The more I know going in, the less I’ll be pissed off later about it.”

Michel choked on the other end. “I will send it right over. Miss Gray will have the information shortly.”

“Okay. Is that all?” I asked.

“Yes, sir. I will finish preparations here in Italy and take in all that is needed. You are all welcome here.”

“Thank you. I appreciate your help and the Dragons specifically.” Michel hung up first and I was thankful for that he was a weaselly little man who grated me the wrong way.

“Allison should have some information I need.” I told Ryan.

He smiled, “She’s already sent it to my phone. I’m printing it all out.”

“I could have looked at it on your phone, or you could send it to me.”

Ryan laughed. “I’m used to my technophobe.” Ryan tapped away at his phone and soon I had the files I had requested. It would have been so much faster if he’d just sent them to me directly.

I heard Ryan gasp as he read the files himself. We were going to meet with Ms. Eloise Dean. I got contact information and a file about her. Along with the personal information we got the safe houses to be offered after meeting Ms. Dean. There was a contract among other things. This was going to be a big deal.

Ryan tipped my phone so he could see what I was looking at. “All that the staff will handle.” He tapped at a document – one on her personally. “You need to read this.”

I read through the first few lines and my eyes got stuck on one phrase – current head of the Kensington Academy. I couldn’t take my eyes off the contact’s current title, her occupation. Why the fuck were the Dragons asking for help from the Venatori Academy? It now made sense why she wanted to see me. But the favor. That – that wasn’t something I expected.

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