The Boys

I grabbed my bugout bag. I didn’t check anything in it but I went upstairs and found the boys about to leave. Drake flung himself at me wrapping his arms around my legs. “Uncle Ant brought us here. Vader is home though.” He frowned. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too. You take care of Fae and Matt alright?”

He looked up at me with bright orange eyes. “I will. I’ll make sure no ice-cream for dinner.”

I grinned at him. “I’m trusting you to follow both mine and Sage’s rules.”

Drake nodded. “Yes, sir.” He hugged me tightly and then hurried to press the button for the elevator.

I looked to Matt. “Take care of them?”

He grinned. “Always. I’ll make sure Sage and Dee come by too. They listen better to them. I’m sure Dev will be by too for lessons and all.”

I nodded. “You are still their brother.”

I wrapped my arms around Matt and Fae, “Look after each other. Look after Sage too. Make sure he eats, please. Dev and Dee too.”

Matt laughed. “I’m the responsible one?”

“Yes. You are.” I grinned, “But don’t tell Dev that I have you checking up on him.”

“He’ll know.” Fae said as he went to catch the elevator door that was sliding open. “He always knows.”

“That’s okay. Just don’t tell him.”

Matt grinned and hugged me. He whispered in my ear, “Be safe. Come home to us.”

“I will do my best.” I said and hugged him tight. He lingered in my embrace. “I’ll be fine. I promise. Ant has my back.”

He punched me in the arm. “You better not die on me. I can’t do this without you.”

“Yes you can. And you will. But I have no intentions of dying.”

Drake danced, “Come on, Matt. Let’s go! I’m hungry!” He waved at me, “Bye Daddy. Wuv you.”

“Love you guys too. See you soon.” I waved as the elevator door closed . I felt a hand on my shoulder. “You ready?” Ant asked?

I nodded. “Let’s go.”

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