Unexpected Family

Our kiss ended with both of us breathless and grinning maddly at each other. Dev was an amazing kisser. Not that Sage or Dee were bad, but Dev was just Dev.

Dev pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I wish you wouldn’t keep me out.”

I sighed. “I’m trying. I don’t want to drown you.”

“I’ll be fine.” He said. “I miss you.”

I gave him a wry grin and kissed his lips softly. “Go to sleep so you can join us later.”

Dev yawned on cue and grabbed a piece of bacon then started for the door again. But after one step he reached back and grabbed two more peices sheepishly. “You can take it all.”

He looked at me with a grin, “Then you’ll get edgy cause I left a plate in the bedroom. No, I’m good pretty boy. Night.”

“Night, lover.” I said as he left.

It wasn’t long before I had music on in the kitchen and a sound proof wall against the ceiling so I didn’t bother Dev while he slept. I danced around my kitchen completely unaware of everything else. I blocked out my problems and focused only on prepping the turkey and boiling potatoes. There was still a lot to cook and I was in heaven.

Sage and Adam came up for lunch which was waiting for them on the island. It was simple crackers and cheese with vegetables and hummus. Sage gave me that look that said he wanted something special. Adam interrupted his stare. “Dude, he’s been cooking all day. Don’t you want to save room for that?”

Sage stuck his tongue out at me and I raised my eyebrow at him. He grinned before he said. “We need to behave or we’ll wake Dev up.”

When they were done eating Sage pulled Adam into the living room. “Come on, let’s play Grand Theft.”

I rolled my eyes as they went to play video games. I extended the sound proofing into the living room and between our two rooms so I didn’t bother them.

There was a knock at the door and I wondered who it was. No one was expected until later. Sage yelled, “Can you get that.” And then he snickered and whispered to Adam, “He’ll be so surprised.”

“I heard that.”

Sage muttered, “Fuck! forgot about that.”

I walked to the front door where a blushing Sage sat on the floor with his video game controller in his lap trying to ignore me. I opened the door to find a cute little 6 year old handing me a box of chocolate. “Uncle Nox!” Darin screeched.

Iris stood behind him and smiled. “Those are for you. Sage said the way to your heart was with chocolate.”

I smiled. “Iris, you don’t need to find your way there. Come on in.” David followed them inside. I offered him my hand. “David, it’s good to see you again.”

He didn’t say much to me but he took my hand. “Never done Thanksgiving before. It’ll be a novelty.”

I grinned at him. “Tell me about it.”

Sandra was next she was a typical 16 year old girl. She was busy typing away on her phone and nearly ran into me. I pressed a kiss to her cheek as she walked by. It earned me a smile and, “Hi, Uncle Nox.”

Nate smiled then wrapped his arms around me. He had lost a friend out in those woods. We talked a little before things went down hill. “Uncle Adam said to tell you ‘next time’. Uncle Marius and Uncle Tobias didn’t answer Mom’s request. And Uncle Nick will be here. He said he was bringing a date.”

“He should fit right in.” I said to Nate.

Nate grinned, “That’s what I told Uncle Nick.” He looked into the living room and saw Sage playing a video game. “Is Matt or Fae here?”

“Not yet. They’ll be here after school lets out. Matt’s bringing his dad.”

“Sweet. Can I help?”

I shook my head. “Go play with Sage and his brother Adam.”

Nate grinned and I headed back into the kitchen. I heard Iris following me, the rest of her family took up residence in the living room. “Do you need help Nox?”

“I’m good, Iris. but if you don’t want to play with the boys you can keep me company.” Once inside the kitchen I asked, “Sage invited you?”

“Actually Dad did. He said I can’t make it, talk your brothers into going.”

“They don’t want to be associated with an Exuli. But Nick and I couldn’t leave you family less when Sage said everyone has family coming. And I wanted to meet these others two.” As if on queue sleepyhead was standing in the hallway entrance.

“Hey lover. I’d like you to meet my sister. This is Iris.” Dev came around and offered his hand. “Iris, my rockstar, Devin.”

He gave her a bright smile and shoved his other hand through his hair, “Pleasure. I didn’t expect guests yet.” He padded over to me and wrapped an arm around me and pressed a soft kiss to my cheek. “Dee just called. Said she’ll be late. Said she tried to call you but it went to voice mail. Asked if you could throw that pecan pie into the oven when you do the stuffing.”

“Alright.” I said as I grabbed my phone and saw her missed message but no voice mail. “Didn’t she know she was waking you up?”

“Yeah. She was calling for other reasons.”

I grinned. “I hate when she does that.”

Dev smiled. “Me too. But god it feels so good.”

Iris shook her head. “I don’t want to know.”

Dev laughed. “It’s not what it sounds like. Dee likes to call us when we are sleeping and she pulls on shield, it’s like a long kiss down our spine when you are drowsy. But she does it right when we are in a good sleep and that’s the bad part, but it’s really the only way it works.”

Dev gave me a kiss a little more than the peck he had before and I bit back a moan. “I’m going to grab a shower then I’ll come help you.”

Iris laughed, “He says he’s got it.”

Dev grinned. “I don’t take no for an answer and when I can read his mind I can do stuff without him actually asking.” He squeezed. “Be back soon pretty boy.”

I watched him walk away and Iris was laughing. “I though you had it bad with Sage.”

I grinned. “You want to get that pecan pie out of the fridge so we can let it warm up a little.”

And that’s how I had a kitchen full for making dinner.

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