Don’t Take Too Long

Everything was as I left it. The big black man was scowling at me when I arrived in my own dream. The moment he saw me he sneered and spoke, “You come back for more. You are such an idiot.”

I shrugged. “I might be an idiot but I wasn’t gone long enough for you to take over my body so there is that.”

He looked at me like I knew too much. And that was when the barrage of depressing and anxious thoughts started again. The sky lit up with all my fears and I closed my eyes to keep from seeing the lies he was telling me. The echos in my own head were too hard to resist. I could feel the tears falling down my cheeks – sliding down in a slow cascade.

They were my fears. He was only playing on them. I was never good enough. I’d been told that my whole life. You are only half Venatori. You are too slow. You’ll never pass. It’s too hard, you won’t ever learn it. Which was nothing on the other things kids told me. The names they flung my direction.

The thick skin I had earned as a child dissolved in the rains of my dream world. It was raw. I felt it all over again.

But there was one slight difference this time then last and I didn’t want Virgil to know. I had help. Not in the form of my dream like Dev had been. No, I could feel my family around me – physically. I new they were there, I could sense them in my dream, but I could feel them lying there.

I pulled my power around me and felt the calming effect of it. It coursed through my body. It raged in my world. It was my world. Morpheus had taught me that in the end. He might be able to control me, but I controlled it in the long run. And he was a vampire. But I needed to know Ant was getting his body. Killing him here would give him a means to his body and then he could get away. I had to stall.

I focused on Virgil. I let my magic flow from me through his visage. He was mine. I could feel Ant and Morana and even Armand. And through them I could feel each individual vampire connected to them. The city was full of little baby vampires that Morana had created. I could feel them converging on the Night Life building coming to me. I worked up the line from Ant and between my connection to Ant and the visage of Virgil I could pin point his location. I don’t know how I’d relay it to Ant but I hoped he could read the connection like I was reading him.

“You really are a foolish boy.” He claimed again.

“No more foolish than most people.”

A voice echoed behind me. “That’s not true, Nox.”

I smirked as I turned around to see my rockstar standing behind me. He was standing there in the rain with his hair plastered to his head, his beautiful blue eyes sparkling. I couldn’t help biting my bottom lip as he walked towards me.

“Another dream walker?” Virgil asked. My world shuddered as he tried to connect to Dev’s fears. But Dev looked at him and smirked.

“I don’t think so.” Dev wrapped his arm around me and I could feel the bond between us strengthen. Everything in this world was raw, my emotions, Dev’s emotions. It was like one of Sage’s wires touching and sparking life together.

Virgil advanced on us and we took a step back. I didn’t want him touching me, and I definitely didn’t want him touching Dev. We kept backing up and he speed up.

And then the big black man stopped. His face countoured and he screamed. “No.” He glared at me as he started for us again.

This time I sent a column of fire at Virgil. His clothes caught first and then his hair and he screamed. Dev pulled me closer against him, turning me away from the sight. Protecting me. I turned back and watched with my rockstar. We watched the vampire die. I wouldn’t leave until he was nothing but ash.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.