Other Powers



3 minutes

Ant followed a few steps behind me until we were in the streets of the city. The night sky was shining on us. The moon just a sliver in the sky. There were no stars in the sky. I missed the stars. It was really the only thing I had missed about my childhood. The mountains were no longer my home, but until I had graduated I’d never really thought about it. Now I knew better. New York was my home. And my family was here. And I needed to get back to them. To fix the things I was breaking by being stubborn and childish.

Ant cleared his throat. “You are going to walk into traffic if you aren’t careful.” He said as he grabbed my hoodie and I stopped as car zoomed passed me with their horn blaring.

I sighed. “Sorry. I was following the magic.”

“And lost in thought.” Your bad habit.

I smirked. “I just want to go home. Spend the night with my loves.”

“Sage…” Ant smirked. “Seems to have come around.”

I nodded. “Yeah.” I sighed. “I don’t think he’ll like this. But this is what I do.”

Ant laughed. “Nox, you can’t ever get away from it.”

“I know.” I said.

We walked for a while, following the magic I was feeling. We were up town and then down town and then back in Hell’s Kitchen and soon we were back in front of the Night Life building.

“The power I was tracking is here.”

Ant drew released both his sword and his gun from their secure positions on his belt. “I’m first.”

I nodded. I knew saying no would only make him angry and right now I wasn’t sure I wanted Ant angry. Ant asked, “You sure.”

I nodded again. “Up.”


“Yes. All the way up.” I closed my eyes. Why the fuck was the strange power up where my family was?

“Mother isn’t here.”

“I know.” I can feel here in the subway tunnels still.

“We’ve been gone for 30 minutes or more.” Ant said.

“There are other vampires there. Were’s too.” I sighed. “She got ambushed.”

“Mother and Ryan would rip through them.”

“Not in this quantity.” I said.

We were about to embark on the elevator up when Tony grabbed my arm. “What’s going on?”

I looked from son to father and frowned at Francesco. The three of them could have been then same person. “Cari and Ryan have been ambushed. The power my father was hunting is now upstairs with my family.”

Tony looked at me. “What do you want us to do?”

“Go help Cari. Ant and I will handle this, they are my responsibility.”

“We can help.” Fransceco said.

“I know. But Cari and Ryan need help. Right now I need you to do that. When you are done come here. But don’t come in guns a blazing. You won’t put my family at risk.”

They both nodded and then they were slipping away to the nearest shadows.

The worse possible scenarios were running through my head right then. Ant pushed the button for the top floor and whispered. “They are going to be fine.”

“I know.”

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