Dinner and Dancing



5 minutes

When I told Sage we were going out for Mexican and dancing I hadn’t really told him the truth. Truth was I was taking Dee to do that, but it was more than that. This little place didn’t look like much, but it was a pretty cool place. There was a restaurant and a dancefloor. Some days there were shows others it was an open dance floor. The music played was all Salsas and Rambas and all of the Hispanic heritage type music. But it was all dance worthy and I’d been several times just to dance, but never eat. Though I had eaten there plenty of times.

Dee looked around the place in awe. “I love Mexican.”

“Hopefully, you’ll dance with me afterwards.”

She grinned, “I don’t know how to do any of these dances. You’ll have to teach me.”

“Of course.” I smiled.

I had reserved a table near the dance floor so we could still sit and dance and eat. It was much like a wedding atmospher minus the bride and groom. Dee asked, “Sage been here?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I brought him here once. Says the food is almost as good as his Grana’s.”

“But he won’t dance with you?” Dee giggled. “It would look mighty strange seeing the two of you out there doing the tango.”

I laughed. “If he knew it I’d let him lead.”

Dee whispered. “Dev knows the tango.”

A shiver ran through my body. I had already known that. “I know.” I whispered and Dee giggled. “I’ll get him to dance with me one day.”

Dee clapped her hands, “I want to see that when you do.”

Food arrived and Dee and I chatted about our day, well Dee did. I didn’t have anything to share. My days were boring filled with the sameness of things. You’d think having my own schedule to do what I wanted would work for me, but I missed my job. I missed hunting. I missed the adventure.

Dee was frowning at me. “Stop with the lost in thought.”

I shrugged. “I can’t help it.”

She grabbed my hand. “Show me how to do the Salsa.”

I rolled my eyes, “It’s not hard really.” I said as I rolled out of my seat and pulled my darling date with me to the dance floor. She was fit and in this dress she was mouth watering. I may not love Dee, but I sure as hell lusted after her.

We moved through the motions as a few songs played, there were a few other couples out there and I showed Dee what they were doing, she watched them carefully and by the third song we were dancing too. Dee was lose and her body moved with mine. She may not know the steps well, but she followed my lead with precision. Beverly had taught her a thing or two over the years. One day I might visit Mrs. Alexander and reignite some of that dancing lessons I had when I was younger.

We danced for four straight songs before Dee was pulling me off the floor to grab some wine. I sipped at my water and watched as Dee sipped her wine. She smiled at me when she put the glass down. A woman in a flamanco dress walked by and Dee stopped her and took her to the side. She whispered and I did my best not to listen. She was trying to be secretive but I could have heard every word without even trying. But I didn’t… I respected her wishes.

The woman bent over and whispered in my ear, “Car to dance with me senor?

I looked at Dee and she nodded furiously. I sighed. “What did you have in mind?”

I took her hand and I walked her out onto the floor. She smiled at me, “You’ll know it when you hear it.”

The dance floor emptied as the music played. There was really no need. “You teach this for a living don’t you? I asked my partner.”

She nodded, “You don’t need any lessons, and I haven’t had an excellent dance partner in days. My name is Maria.”

“Nox.” I said with a slight bow and I took her hands and the music played. It wasn’t much of anything specific a general Salsa but as we started her moves became more flambouyant and I followed her lead. It had been a long time since I’d actually really danced like this. The last time was probably in the Academy. I’d dabbled over the years on the dance floor of clubs but it had been a long time since I’d had a worthy partner.

The song ended and I kissed Maria’s hand with a flourshing bow. “Thank you for the dance senorita.”

“My pleasure, Nox.” There was a line of men wanting to dance with Maria now and I took my leave of her and offered my hand to Dee. “Did you enjoy the show?”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and nodded, “Yes. Take me home, I want to show you how much.”

“Your place or mine?” I asked.

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