8 seconds

It didn’t really take much to prepare for the jump. I closed my eyes and stilled my breathing and my heart rate. I knew Dev was trying to do the same thing. “You can face me, the ground, or the sky.”

Dev looked at me with confusion written all over his face. “We can both jump facing the ground, my arms around you or yours around me but I’d rather you be between me and the air weaves I use. You can embrace me facing me and you can look up at the sky or down at the ground.”

“I don’t want to see the ground come rushing back at me, other than that I’ll leave it up to you.” Dev’s voice shook with fear but he was trying to hide it. But I could smell it on him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I smiled, “It’s the last time I’ll ask.”

“Just do it Nox.” Dev declared.

I nodded. I held on to Dev’s hand, “Stand up there with your back to the street.”

Dev sighed with releif but he didn’t move right away. When he did he did it slowly. The ledge here was barely wide enough for him to stand on. I wrapped him in weaves of air so he could feel them pressing against him. He looked at me with wide eyes and I smiled back reassuringly. I knew this was difficult for a first time jumper. I threw up a veil all around us. No one would see us fall. No one would call the cops and no one would know what we had just done except us.

I sent patterns of earth and water and fire to the ground below softening it long before we even got close. Dev watched me as I climbed up top with him. I grinned at him, “You ready?”

He nodded and I pressed a kiss to his lips while wrapping my arms around him. I spread wings of air out from us, and up into the sky like a parachute, and then I leaned forward and we started the downward decent. I ticked off the seconds in my head. I closed my eyes and I let the drag of the air press us closer together. I pressed my forehead to Dev’s and he wrapped his arms around me tighter and kissed me. It distracted me enough that I lost my count somewhere between 3 and 4. The patterns were strong, we slowed and fell at the same time. The ground grew closer I could feel my patterns getting closer as we neared them but the only thing I felt was his lips against mine, hot and wet and hungry.

We collided with the earth and Dev let out a grunt and bit my lips. He was laughing against my neck and rolled over on top of me. We were in the middle of an alley – dark and dirty and smelled of garbage but right then he didn’t care. I didn’t care. He pressed a kiss to my lips and I tasted blood.

Dev looked down at me as he sat up straddling my body. The world passed us by on the other side of the viel. Dev wiped his mouth of the blood. “Sorry.” He said.

I shrugged. “I didn’t mind. It’s healed now.”

Dev smirked and stood up slowly. He offered me his hands. “8 seconds of bliss. That’s what you say right?”

I nodded, “That was more like 6 but I lost count.”

Dev laughed. “Why did you do that?”

I grinned at him as I took his hands and wrapped my arms around him when I was standing. “Because some hot guy kissed me.”

“Oh? Should I be jealous?”

I shook my head. “No.” I said, “I only have eyes for you.” I pressed my lips to his and he backed me up against the wall. The world would pass us by behind the veil and no one saw when Dev pushed his hand down my pants and grabbed my hardening cock.

Dev bit my neck and I groaned. “You are going to be mad at me if you keep doing that.” I said.

Dev sighed. “We’ll talk about what the vampires wanted in the morning. I got something I want to show Sage.”

I raised my eyebrow in curiousity. I wanted to know what Dev had in mind. But he thought at me Wait and see, pretty boy, wait and see. as he pressed his lips to mine before we parted and Dev started for home.

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  1. I wonder how Sage would react if Nox took him jumping. I have a feeling he wouldn’t enjoy it as much as Dev. :lol:

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      1. I can see him totally freaking out. And I’m willing to bet the first thing he’d say after they landed would be, “Do Not do this with the boys.” :D

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      2. probably but Matt and Drake would probably love it. Fae not so much.

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      3. head nod I totally believe that. :D

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